Man finds mouse in otherwise ordinary loaf

mouse loaf bread Earlier in the month, we reported on the rat that had become entombed inside an industrial-sized tin of beans. Mmm, beany rat. Now, there’s a product on the market if you enjoy a rodent-flavoured plate of beans on toast – a loaf of bread with a dead mouse in it.

Well, when we say ‘on the market’, we’re lying through our teeth – it seems that the mouse loaf was a limited edition of one and was found by (un)lucky Tesco punter Stephen Forse of Oxfordshire. He’d bought the bread online and was preparing sandwiches for his kids when he discovered the unwanted free gift.

Stephen (who may or may not be an avid Bitterwallet reader) said he had already used some of the bread when he noticed: “a dark-coloured object embedded in the corner of three or four slices." He added: “Initially I thought it was where the dough had not mixed properly prior to baking. As I looked closer I saw that the object had fur on it.”

The bread’s makers. Premier Foods, who also make Branston pickle and Bisto gravy, have been fined £5,500 and ordered to pay £11,109.47 in costs at Oxford Crown Court.

Have you found a small animal in your food? For example, do you have a jar of beetroot with a shrew in it? Or have you bought a pizza only to find that there’s ants where the anchovies should be? Please get in touch and send us a photo or a drawing. Or don’t bother – it’s up to you!


  • eddiex
    I once got a big lump of pipe tobacco in a Lees Snowball,my brother just eat round it.No suing in those days.
  • kfcws
    hmmm, that pack underneath it looks like Hovis. time for some mousey goodness.
  • he-man
    all hail the jesus mouse
  • Matt
    Extra protein!
  • Steve
    I recently had a stone in my lunch at a spa day, cracked several teeth!
  • Matt
    @Steve. Suing time?
  • tfeb
    I found a fruit fly in a tub of Asda Premium Ice Cream the other day. I just ate it. lol
  • Dunfyboy
    The best bit is after seeing the dark patches has fur in it he felt too unwell to eat anything, but continued to make sandwiches for his kids. Parent of the year.
  • Mark M.
    Urgh...has the mouse been sliced as well?
  • Zeddy
    No Mark. It was a rare sliced species.
  • Zeddy
    Actually, I once bought Bird'e Eye Chicken Dippers with real breast of chicken in them. Bastards! I didn't make that mistake again.

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