Man Finds £112,000 Hidden In Bathroom Wall read a story today about a contractor who discovered $182,000 (£112,000) in cash stashed behind a bathroom wall of an 83 year old home.   Unfortunately, the money did not last too long.

While renovating homeowner and high school friend Amanda Reece's house, Kitts found green metal boxes hidden behind a bathroom wall, labelled to return to 'P. Dunne News Agency'.  In the lockboxes were $182,000 in depression era currency, belonging to wealthy businessman Patrick Dunne.

Kitts told Reece about the cash, who rushed home and they counted a hefty $182,000.  But out of greed on both parts, they were unable to negotiate a reasonable split.  Kitts wanted 40%, but Reece did not want to give him more than 10%.  So Reece took the matter to court, who decided in her favour.

Reece blew approximately $14,000 (£9000) on a trip to Hawaii, and had sold some of the rare late 1920s bills.  But her new luxurious lifestyle did not last long.

A month after testifying in court, the Dunne family sued her for the money, splitting it between 21 descendants of Patrick Dunne.

Investors have commented that $182,000 worth of mint notes from the 1920s would probably be worth close to a million dollars.  Fortune, ya think?  If only they were smarter about it.

[Associated Press]

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