Man buys expensive domain name for peanuts

A gentleman has bought a domain name worth $15,000 (£9,900) for just $10.99 (£7.25).

The snipular bargain was picked up was picked up by Bruce Marler, who was after buying the domain A glitch in the website allowed him to get it at the knockdown price by mistake.

He'd hoped to buy it to make even more money from selling it, having been inspired by someone who'd bought the domain for $140,000.

credit club

Marler had created a wordpress platform and registered the address with a Twitter handle too.

The company that runs all dot-club domain names, .Club Domains, said that the sale was an error on its part and that several premium domain names were wrongly listed as available for the low fee for 24 hours. The mistake has now been corrected.

.Club Domains also said they could be arses and cancel the purchase, but their chief executive said they'd honour the deal rather than allowing any particular mud-slinging to begin.

In a statement he said: "The registry does not believe it is in our best interest nor the best interest of the registrant to pull the name back given the substantial investment in time and money he has invested to launch I informed the registrant of such matters and wish him a continued success."

Speaking to the Domain Gang website, Mr Marler said: "My intent is to sell the domain, eventually. This domain is as good as any finance-related .club domain that exists. If the site grows in revenue the site can be considered a business venture, but at this point it's a domain investment."

Business, there, ladies and gentlemen.

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