Maggot flavoured cat food from Felix! Now with real maggots!

Bitterwallet - maggot in Felix cat food

Avid Bitterwallet reader Claire couldn't believe her luck when she opened a tin of chicken cat food for dinner. Not hers, presumably. Extra protein! And it was live protein! That's the sort of stuff that cats need, shortly before licking their crotch and your face.

"I tried ringing them but nobody in over the weekend," Claire avidly told Bitterwallet. "I've shoved the whole lot in a jiffy bag for their perusal, and await the usual letter about how important quality is to them. Just thought I'd send you it in case it's part of a larger batch."


  • Rich
    I dont miss owning a cat! ...Vom in a can!
  • PokeHerPete
    Hey! That maggot looks like my penis (but bigger)!
  • I f.
    Ah this takes me right back. Picture the scene if you will. A warm summer, must have been 96 or 97. A metal shed that felt more like an oven in the heat. Fifty or so students, migrant workers and the like, doing the jobs that good honest locals wouldn't. Our job? To open cartons of pet food trays (the name escapes me, but I think it had a little Scotty dog on the label) to inspect any trays for sign of bursting in the heat and to repackage them with a new label. Of course the whole shed stank of dog food and thanks to burst trays and their contents being exposed, flies had found their way in and maggots were all over the pallets. The permanent staff that were there didn't batter an eyelid, so I'm assuming it was a common occurrence. Nom! Next time I'll tell you about working in a frozen chip factory.
  • Mr D.
    I read somewhere that feeding most supermarket stocked cat food to your cat is like feeding them maccy d's for dinner everyday. So if you are worried about maggots, get yourself off to maccy d's (or give your cat something proper to eat).
  • jen
    Eewwwww that's disgusting! I'm never eating pet food again ;)
  • Matt
    Am I missing something here? It's cat food... not baby food. Cats put revolting stuff in their mouths, so is a maggot a problem?
  • Caroline
    I did a quick google search after finding the exact same thing in my tin of cat food this morning! Also felix brand, best before date of Feb 2013. When I called the customer help line I received a recorded message informing me that the call centre was closed for staff training and to leave my details. Was your issue ever resolved? I too have kept the offending tin as I don't want to bin it without hearing back from Purina.
  • sheila
    I opened a tin of Felix "With chicken in jelly". It smelled awful, but I thought, never mind, it is probably the sort of smell cats like, even if we humans find it revolting. Have just had to throw the lot away. Not one of our three cats would touch it. And they are not fussy as a rule. This has happened before with Felix. What on earth goes into those cans?
  • tina
    I opened a tin last week, and to my horror it was full of maggots, can't seem to find how to complain, I was disgusted, then opened another to find it was just liquid, has anyone had a reply? ,cant get through on the phone either

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