Magazines come to life with embedded video images

Because knocking consumers about the head with traditional advertising is not enough anymore, US publication Entertainment Weekly is producing the world's first magazine with video embedded in it. It sounds more amazing than it actually is since the moving images don't appear on futuristic paper thin screens; instead the ViP screens (video-in-print) are 2.7mm thick, have a 320 x 240 resolution but they can store up to 40 minutes of video footage:

The first display will contain previews of new shows on CBS and adverts for Pepsi. If you want to watch it all over again, you can also charge the screen's battery through a USB connection. Or you can wait for the inevitable DVD release. Now that's done and dusted, let's crack on with getting the jetpacks sorted.

[The Register]


  • Gary g.
    These look incredibly shit.
  • Nathan
    This is retarded. I would probably be less likely to buy a magazine if it had a great thick LCD screen in the middle. They just won't accept that dead tree media is a thing of the past will they?
  • D&G
    Bollocks to this.
  • pete d.
    Looks like how they imagend we'd read in the future in one of the prediction things from the 50s
  • Brian
    Looks good to me. So, when i buy a copy of Readers Wives mag, and take it into the toilets at college, the babes will be humping like real right in front of me.
  • andy y.
    Do any Readers Wives readers have wives?
  • Gary G.
    @ Brian. What? Why not just watch porno on your iPhone and/or other mobile phone that has internet access. No sticky pages then.
  • Tom P.
    The iPhone screen maybe fingerprint-resistant, but is it jizz resistant?
  • Brian
    @Gary Glitter I'd rather drop my copy of Razzle mag, with "embedded video images", down the bog during my moment of ecstasy , than lose my 3GS round the U-bend.
  • Gary g.
    @ Gary why would you have your iPhone positioned over the bog? Wouldn't any normal person be sat on the bog anyway?
  • Gary g.
    @ brian . Big typo there.
  • Alice C.
    I'd rather lose an iPhone 3gs down the U-bend than a massive turd I'd been saving for a couple of days.
  • Brian
    @Gary glitter, it's not easy to charm the snake sitting down on the bog, no thrust available from the loins

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