McDonalds get all Clockwork Orange on your ass

It physically hurts to credit McDonalds with too much sense, and far more fun to demonise them as the cause of ruination and obesity in the civilised world. Yet despite casting them as the mustache-twirling villain of high streets the world over, you've got to ask yourself: why do you eat that shit? It's because McDonalds excel at marketing - if you buy into their brand, you'll buy into their food.

Here's one way they get their meat hooks into your psyche - it's an incredibly simple idea but hugely effective, one that draws in the people that notice what Ronald is up to, but people passing by, too. Even when they make it bleedingly obvious by displaying images of burgers, the punters are still lapping it up. Look at it, you mindless drones - they're placing thoughts direct into your mind! It's effectively brainwashing in broad daylight and it's just one more reason why you can't help but chew their cow:


  • MrRobin
    It's McDonalds, not MAC. Thanks.
  • Paul S.
    Noted and changed, ta!
  • Deathtrap3000
    I want a McChicken Burger now. Thanks.
  • Chris
    I hate that song.
  • Steff
    had a mcd menu yesterday thanks
  • Im A.
    I dont own a donkey
  • The B.
    They should have a stream of vomit on the billboard, it would save me the hassle of having to go down the pub, drink 10 pints and then think McD's was a good idea, I could just stand in front of the sign with my mouth open.
  • Jack
    HAhaha @The Real Bob
  • MinstrelMan
    wasnt that guy out of a jame bond film....... i've seen him do some fuckin wicked things with that hate.
  • MinstrelMan
    hate???? I clearly meant hat..... and I believe he's called oddjob
  • Nobby
    They should do an arc of piss. I'd love to see the ladies try that one.
  • Tiny T.
    Give me a Burger King any day, all that grilling makes the fat disappear so i can eat as many as i want...yummy
  • numberwang
    lol nobby
  • Jill
    I know you were being sarcastic about all the fat being grilled away, but McDonalds is actually healthier than Burger King.
  • Nick
    has the Burger King gone from piccadilly circus, or have mcdonalds made it disapear for this advert?
  • goon
    seems some cock sucker with no mind of his own copy and pasted the last part of this article as their own comment on youtube. what a fucking gonad. also macdonalds is dogshit food, everyone knows that. but it comes in handy in food emergencys. and it has killed me yet.
  • Junkyard
    My condolences to your family, goon - I hope they'll be suing.

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