Mac attack: more new product rumours circulate

Apple fanboys are currently experiencing loss of appetite and multiple wet dreams in the twilight hours, as the legendary MacWorld event in San Francisco gears up to launch on Monday. In years gone by, it's been here that Steve Jobs has announced revolutionary new gadgets in the Apple range, accompanied by cheering, hollering and that incessant, inane whooping only Americans seem capable of.

At such times a rumour mill doesn't seem adequate, and the internet instead employs a rumour nuclear generator to kick out snips and bytes of gossip concerning what Apple could be launching. In recent days there's been plenty of scuttlebutt concerning an iPhone Nano, but now Electric Pig has gone and muddied the waters further with talk of a MacBook Nano.

Given that Jobs himself dismissed the notion of a netbook-style device at his last keynote speech, it seems unlikely to happen. Still it'd be a tremendous credit-crunching way to extend the MacBook range, and deliver a heavy blow to ASUS and the like. More pointless speculation or a real possibility? We'll know for sure on Monday. Until then, back to the cold showers and flicking through old copies of Mac User stashed under the mattress.

[Electric Pig]


  • dave
    after reading this post i did this
  • darren
    Im a HUGE apple fanboy, cant help it. I've heard about the Iphone Nano, this should be a pretty cool product and the Macbook Nano is something they have had in discussions for a while back, I think the idea originally started out as MAC tablet. People Miss the iBook, small decent and cheaper... they need something like this back in the range. other rumours have included a new Mac Mini and an upgrade to the shocking apple TV!

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