Lush get nasty with Amazon

Lush - the shop you can smell from a mile away - is in a row with Amazon and things have got really, really petty and ugly. Great news for those of us eating peanuts in the bleachers. The bathbomb company were irritated that Amazon weren't for helping them regarding counterfeit Lush items in their marketplace. 3 years they'd asked for help, with nothing in return. It ended up in the courts.

"When customers were on the Amazon site, they were unable to tell that our products are not sold on Amazon and therefore bought products believing them to have been Lush products when they were not. In just the same way that Amazon prides itself on being innovative, so do we," Lush said.

"We have built worldwide recognition in our trade marks and patented products so that our customers know when they are. We work hard to maintain our ethical integrity in all aspects of our business. Lush is our house mark and our business is dependent upon it. We will always protect our name."

Amazon, apparently, are going to appeal the decision from the courts which favoured Lush. Oh, and this happened.


Lush, angry at Amazon, decided to register the name of Amazon UK's managing director as a trademark and making a product called Christopher North which is a 'body smoothie' that is "rich, thick and full of it".

"We registered the name 'Christopher North' as a cosmetic product as a class 3 trademark. This was to make a point about how upsetting it is to have something personal to you, used by someone else," Lush said in a statement. "Mr North has made no approach to us to discuss but we are always open to communication."


  • Christopher N.
    Well the jokewill be on them when they see the face cream I gave to their mothers. mwaaah mwaaaah mwaaaaaaaaaaaah
  • Not H.
    I'd have more sympathy if their web security wasn't so shit a couple of years ago that I ended up with fraudulent transactions on my credit card and an "oops, sorry" e-mail from Lush. Knobbers
  • kringerton
    I'll have a P please Bob.
  • Cheesey
    Whenever I walk past a Lush shop I find the artificial perfume smell to be offensive and makes my eyes water. Mark Constantine, the boss of Lush, is a Grade A dilweed. He supports every campaign going to get those sad vegetable women to buy his products. His biggest failing is supporting Plane Stupid which disrupted thousands of holidaymakers. And how do you get to your overseas stores Mark? Do as I say and not as I do...
  • Big M.
    Peter North cream is better.
  • Dave
    Love it. Nice one Lush. The only reason I shop on Amazon is that I hate ebay even more, but I have to say Amazon is full of blatant rip-offs and they seem to do little about them. Ebay generally hate sellers so seem quicker off the mark to ban them on a whim. Now what is the name of ebay's MD?
  • Ha g.
    Jokes on them really, as if a company as big as Amazon really give a fuck about a pants company like them anyway. They probably make up what, 000000000.01% or Amazons business? If they want to lose their business with one of the biggest retailers in the world then by all means take them to court, I'm sure that'll do the trick.
  • James E.
    guuuuuay I think you've missed the point here totally. Lush have retail stores they are not on amazon.

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