Lovely teeny tiny fingernail animation viral thing. Lovely.

You hispters have possibly already seen this as it’s been doing the rounds for a while, but we thought it might make you smile, and that’s what we’re all about here.

It’s some kind of viral animation video thing for the Kia Picanto and was made using loads of nail paint, 900 finger nails, about 1800 nail-drawing hours and lots of concentration. If you’re not even slightly impressed by it then you have a piece of coal where your heart should be.

We tried doing one of our own on our Mof but the DTs meant he couldn’t keep his fingers still. Shame...


  • Dick
    Why didn't they just photoshop it. A few pictures of finger nails and few picturess of their cars. Job done. I reckon they faked it anyway. No-one does what they say they do these days.
  • kwagger
    Nailed it. (sorry)
  • Hugh J.
    cynical bastards ahoy! Originality will always be viral.. look at AIDS!

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