Love on the cheap

Happy Valentine’s Day. The day when roses cost four times as much as any other day (except perhaps Mother’s Day) and when the failure of the postman to deliver a red envelope has the power to destroy young lives. All in the name of love.

But it seems that even love has not escaped the Nation’s budgeting penchant of late. We’re all tightening our belts, and not just to hold our bellies in. Recent research in the US showed that the most searched for voucher code in the week running up to Valentine’s Day was not for flowers or chocolates, or diamond jewellery, but was for a dating site.

Almost a quarter of a million people searched for a voucher last week in the US, on on coupon site alone. Dominic Yacoubian, CEO of thinks he knows why- “in a tough economic climate, paying full price for a service that can’t guarantee a date, is a luxury” he said.

But it isn’t just in the US. Quidco are currently running Valentine’s special deals where you can get between £4 and £54 cashback for signing up to, and Topcashback will give you up to £83.62 for a 12 month subscription to MatchAffinity. That’s almost half price love folks.

Other sites offering cashback of around £50 on online dating include, and . Whatever floats your boat. New entrant Swoon are even offering up to 70% off their service, which interestingly promises not to match you with anyone because that “would take the magic out of dating”. And, presumably the point out of their service.

But on a serious note, does bargain hunting take the romance out of online dating? If you found a love match only because of a voucher code would you feel cheap and dirty? Or should your potential lovebird be impressed by your money-saving prowess?

Still, if you’re a (very) fast mover, and you don’t mind handing over your credit card details in the transparent intention that you will forget to cancel a subscription, you can even sign up to for three days for free here.

Go get ‘em, tigers.


Note: We will not be held responsible for anything that happens owing to Bitterwallet readers entering the mating pool.


  • Jo
    Try plenty of fish. Might actually find somebody on there who lives in your town and its free.
  • Sicknote
    @Jo I have to agree with Jo; there are some many desperate people on POF and you'll always be able to get laid in a few days of messaging someone.
  • Sawyer
    Agree with both of the above... although it's less of a dating site and more like the online equivalent of hanging out in a seedy club and waiting until the end of the night to chat up the fat girl crying in the corner.

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