Love bacon? Now you can watch it all day long...

9 June 2011

Praise be to gut-busting American restaurant chain Denny's - their new webcam service doesn't offer up shots of fat customers wiping grease off of their faces or mewling kids annoying all the other diners. It merely concentrates on the frying of bacon. You can check it out yourself here and it even comes complete with sound - which to us, is better than birdsong itself.

Here's a still-shot taster of what you can expect...

Screen shot 2011-06-09 at 15.48.49


  • PokeHerPete
    This page looks like Roland and Les are fighting over who to take the bill for the bacon. Ho ho ho
  • Baconteur
    Fake - on a loop. Shame, I really hoped it was real. Its would have been what I'd been waiting for had it been real. It would have been one of the last things the Internet needed to make it complete. My faith in all this good is now shattered forever. Sob. Sob.
  • Boris
    This is proof of Satan.
  • tin
    Not even a loop - just a 5 sec clip that keeps going backward and forward. Shite.
  • Boris
    Andy, you pork tease. I watched it sizzle for four hours and it was never quite done. Maybe a few minutes more ....
  • Boris
    Nearly there. I mean nearly cooked. If only it would sizzle a little bit faster ....
  • Boris
    Just a little bit more ....
  • Gina G.
    I'll give you love you can't ignore.
  • Dick
    Their bacon sucks. You can see the bubbles getting sucked in to the bacon. Yuck.
  • The B.
    American bacon's just nasty, they don't even know what back is.
  • dvdj
    Too true. I like pig back and I can not lie, You fat Americans can't deny, When a Pig walks in juicy pork chops and a round thing in your face you get sprung, ... ... Piggy's got back wit wit wit, wit wit wit wit wit wit
  • br04dyz
    "juicy pork chops" sounds nothing like..."with and iddy biddy waist" best modding the lyrics and going with "joints tied up with lace" :-)
  • Neal
    Not completely a loop, Actually going backwards and forwards. Which means every couple of seconds you can see the bacon sucking back in all that fatty goodness...
  • Boris
    Twenty six hours and still no change. Got to give up - too much chafing.

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