Lotto ticket price to be doubled

If you’re one of those poor, impoverished sorts who spend your last quid on a Lotto ticket, life is about to get harder as the price of your punt is going to be doubled to £2 for a single line of numbers.

The idea is that it will help create more winners with some bigger prizes, but for some people the increase in ticket price, the first since the lottery launched in 1994, could just put them off instead.

The response has been angry, with scores of complaints and the Lotto Facebook page filled up with griping gamblers having a pop, although some of their spellings leave a lot to be desired.

Once the price rise kicks in, in the autumn, the guaranteed amount for matching three numbers will rise from £10 to £25. For four numbers, your winnings will go up from around £60 to £100, depending on the total size of the prize pot.

The jackpot for matching all six balls will also rise from around £4.1million to £5million on a typical Saturday and from around £2.2million to £2.5million on the mid week game. BUT, if you match five balls, you’ll be worse off, as the prize will drop from £1,500 to about £1,000. Five balls and a bonus will rake you in only £50,000, half of what you’d win right now.

Will all of this change your life? Will you now turn your back on the Lotto and deploy your skill and judgement on low-stake sporting accumulator bets instead? You really should – it’s much more fun.


  • Dick
    Couldn't give a shit. Betfair is way more fun, and more profitable too.
  • Ian
    Right. So even though the actual mathematical probability of getting three number is around 56/1, they're currently paying out at odds of around 20% of that - £1 pays £10 for 3 numbers. So for £2, they're going to pay £25, which is roughly 12/1 - for the actual odds you could reasonably expect to receive closer to £100. Someone I knew got 5 numbers and received around £800 - the actual odds are a staggering 54,200/1. The reason there's not much prize pot is that people have worked out what a shit racket the lottery is and the utter disparity between your chance of winning and the amount you actually receive. You've got more chance of seeing Elvis struck by lightning twice in the same day than winning a decent prize. Yet more rip off Britain logic - double the price because the mugs will keep paying.
  • Dick
    ^ You do know that the reason the lottery was set up was to siphon off money for "good causes" and make money for the government, don't you? 50% on prizes, 12% in duty, 5-6% to the retailers selling the tickets, 4% on operating costs, 28% on "good causes". So your 3 numbers will already be down to £50, not £100 as you expect. Then combine that with they want the big prizes to be big, but have to be based on the pot of money from people that chose to pay in. If you want prizes in a random game in closer relation to their odds, play roulette.
  • klingelton
    In all gambling games - the odds are stacked in the casino's favour. The lottery is no different. The people who set up the lottery would be idiots if they paid anywhere near the odds! I think it's still black jack that gives you the best odds at a casino - but all gambling is a mugs game.
  • dvdj10
    Betting on red/black odd/even are better odds than Blackjack, marginally.
  • Mr M.
    Gambling's a mugs game no-matter what. Most of my mates will put money on football on the weekends, funny how they only remember the wins... The lottery is just a form of gambling for the middle classes to feel good about themselves, whilst exploiting the dumb poor.
  • Alexis
    Looking at the prizes last week, there were 264,000 winners out of a pot of £6.8million. If you strip out the £10 winners, there were 13,315 other winners. Simply make it so that the whole aim is to get 4 numbers for a prize of £500. Nothing above or below matters. You'd be looking at about 500,000 people winning £500 a year. Would help the economy if nothing else.
  • Michael O.
    Yez should all buy me fecking scratchcards - completely fair and everybody wins! (terms and conditions apply, the value of promises may go down).
  • Gerry M.
    Fucking mugs game playing the lotto and I should know after working for them for 14 months as a contractor.
  • Dick
    @ Alexis - but then you lose the dream of winning millions, which is apparently what keeps some people playing. A maximum of £500 is hardly worth the bet.
  • Inspector G.
    So the lottery's been going to 20 years...and...inflation means prices double every 20 years. An increase of £1 to £2 seems fair to me.
  • Chewbacca
    " the Lotto Facebook page filled up with griping gamblers having a pop, although some of their spellings leave a lot to be desired." Have you ever READ your own comments page? Fuck, most of the halfwits on here aspire to be semi-literate. Sorry, the above was a rhetorical question. You obviously read your comments, otherwise how would you know which ones to delete when people dare to question the shoddy business practices of your paymasters?
  • Sicknote
    If you'd studied hard at school and saved you wouldn't need to play the lottery. Fucktards, all of them.
  • Chewbacca
    Oh HAI sicknote! Please DO tell us more about your fake life. You know, your fake money, fake cars, fake holidays, fake house etc. You fucking (un)fake wank.
  • Sicknote
    @Chewbacca You're not the jealous type ar you...? And I was about to tell you about my new house in Belbins...
  • People P.
    The increase in price is a red-herring or a smoke screen take your pick. If the punters keep spending the same amount there should be no difference between 10 tickets at £1 or 5 at £2 for the variable amount prizes (half the chances of winning but double prize amount because there are half as many winners). However the 3 number prize is rising - this is the one where most people are just going "reinvest" their winnings rather than take the money and run. Lots of small prizes to keep them gambling. The slight increase in the top prize keeps the dream alive.
  • Chewbacca
    Hai sicknote. You have a new house in Butlins? lollingtons.
  • youguysaresogay
    I just wanna say fuck n' shit n' cunt. I'm what you call uneducated, yeah? I swear like a numpty and smoke lots of fags and have my favourite football team tattooed on both my arms. I'm proud to be British, yeah? Fuck fuck fuck....I think it's time to shave me head again. Fuck.......ummmmm....shitty fuck cunt bastards - I'm what you call uneducated, yeah? Fuck you, mate! Fuckin' love the Bitterwallet, I do. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  • gezzy b.
    This SCAM was introduced by one john major,( a shabby fucking conservative). so we should have known it was FIXED SHIT from the start---just like ALL the political arseholes. SCUM OF THE EARTH, I FUCKING HATE THEM!!!!!!!!
  • Garry
    I would like to see more money go to good causes. At the moment, it feels like when you give money to them, all you maybe doing is making someone else very rich, which I do not see as good value for money. As I feel it may benefit the few and not the many. I raver see the prize money reduced and more of that money to go to good causes, that would make a positive change in peoples lives. Making small bets on sport is probably more fun :-).

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