LoopHole your way to 54% off your games, Blu-rays, tech and gadgetry (or even a £50 note!)

CEXStore Bitterwallet has a new correspondent. We met him in a pub car park. He's called LoopHoler. He's a bit brash but he's here to help you...

Greetings Loopers!

LoopHoler here, reporting in from my new home here at BitterWallet...

For those of you new to world of loopholing, you assume the role of a Digital Del Boy, buying low and selling high!

Want cheap games, electricals, gadgets and phones? Then loophole for massive discounts – or if you’re not into all this material jazz – then take the cold hard currency and bank yourself some wedge!

CEX (Computer Exchange) offer cash and trade prices for all your unwanted technology. Be it video games, TVs, phones, iPods, SatNav, laptops, memory sticks… whatever. So, what the LoopHoler does best is find deals where you can buy goods (a DVD, a game, a phone) for £X amount – and sell it/trade it at a CEX near you (or post it – to sell/trade online) and receive a profit.

You can sell/trade up to nine copies of one item in any corporate CEX store, or you can a maximum of five at a franchise. Unless you have their store listings, you wont know – but next time you’re passing your local CEX (they have nearly 200 stores nationwide) why not dip your nose in and chat ‘em up. See how many maximum copies of one title they will take. They will allow you to trade more than 5/9 at one time, but if you go over their limit – you will receive a ‘bulk’ price on any titles over that limit. The reduction in sell/trade can be as little as 10% or as much as 80% (ouch!)

GameStation/Game with their ‘Price Match’ promise will beat any price given by CEX by £1 (on goods they take, which is pretty much *just* video games). *BUT* you will need to prove it, nine times out of ten they will try to squirm out of it and they will only take two or three at a time – mostly just the one (boo hiss!)

So… why do it Mr LoopHoler? I'll tell you why kiddo. Because, just say I want to buy the newly released much anticipated ‘True Crime: Hong Kong’, eh, I mean, ‘Sleeping Dogs’. This title will cost you £39.99 in GameStation (and up to £49.99 in some other high street venues – HMV, etc). I don’t want to be spanking my hard earned De Niro on *one* computer game – I want it cheap!

So, I look up how much ‘Sleeping Dogs’ will cost me at CEX.co.uk – and its £38, so already I'm £2 ahead of the GameStation price.

“But Looper, GameStation sell brand new factory games – and CEX sell pre-owned games – and although I can scan the shelves and pick the nicest box, then ask the staff to give me the mintest disk – I still wont have all the cool unlock codes and premium content that people get with new release games”

Aha, I have thought of this! I never go into a loopholing situation half-cocked.

“Premium Content” like the water pistol unlock on Future Soldier, or the *one* additional level on most games, or the ‘limited edition’ Avatar item is not exactly premium in my book. If its an online play code, then yes – this usually carries an (Xbox) price tag of 800MSP/£6.99. So we do have to re-coup this money somehow.

So, my £38 copy of Sleeping Dogs, bought from CEX is not looking so great.

Time to fetch the suitcase from the van, ‘cos if you want the best 'uns, but you don't ask questions, then brother, I'm your man. (see prior reference to Only Fools/Del Boy - for anyone under 20… Google it!)

We need to buy low and trade high – we want to get as much credit at CEX as possible – for as little cash as humanly possible.

Step up Zavvi.co.uk. “Oooooo” the masses will say. They are not so widely favoured for their delivery times. Alas, I stand by them. I'm happy to make a buck or two if it means waiting an extra day. In recent experiences ‘Hadukon’ (Play.com or whatever they are now being called) have started super delaying their dispatches and using snail mail to send – so I think the economic pressures of ‘costs’ is hurting all business (apart from Amazon of course – them peeps are still pretty rapid).

HaraKiri-ArrivalBut, at Zavvi.co.uk – we can pick up the fine epic masterpiece (unfounded) of ‘Hara Kiri: Death of a Samurai’ on BluRay for a mere £4.95. Better still, it being August, we can also use the discount code 10AUGZ and knock another 10% off that price (for those people reading in September, fear not, the 10% discount is trivial at this point – as the saving I'm about to showcase below is going to make you wheep – thus forgetting about this insignificant 10% saving). *With* the 10% off, we’re looking at £4.46 per title.

Luckily, LoopHoler HQ is pretty close to a 9x limit CEX store. So with me and ‘A. N. Other’ CEX Member (be it your mother, brother, lover – whoever) you can double your output for getting shifted.

Got 2 stores nearish to you? Then do it there too, as the limits are per store/per customer, not *just* per customer.

So in this situation, let's go for a paltry 18 copies of Death of a Samurai. This will run me the bank busting amount of £80.28

Better still, Zavvi do ‘Rewardz’ points, which for every £1 spent – I get one point (which is effectively a penny. But hey, it's free – so I'll take that 80p of points gladly.

For QuidCo/TopCashBack users, you can also get another 3% back in cashback – if an August reader and taking advantage of the above code – that drops the cashback to 2%, but still, its another £1.62 in my sky rocket.

Net price for the 18 copies - £80.28 – 80p - £1.62 = £77.86 --- That’s £4.33 per copy. “Lovely jubbly”.

Now, those copies of “Hara Kiri” you’ve just secured are worth £7 cash – or £8 ‘trade’/credit at any CEX store in the UK.

So, me and my mother/brother/lover (delete where applicable) are able to ‘trade’ nine copies each and pocket ourselves a nifty £144 credit note for CEX.

That means, our £77.86, is now worth £144.00! Working this out to a more ‘appealing’ rate – and that means – anything on the shelves of CEX (laptops, iPads, phones – anything – doesn’t matter what you trade in – the credit is for use on *anything* instore) we can buy at a 54% discount.

So, our £38 copy of Sleeping Dogs… The actual ‘cash’ effective price it’ll cost me… £20.52

Don’t want Sleeping Dogs? The newly released Spiderman game? – £32, that’s £17.28 cash price! Darksiders 2? £35, effectively £18.90 cash!

You don’t have to do 18 copies. If you *just* want Sleeping Dogs, then you need (£38 ÷ £8/cop y= £4.75) five copies of ‘Hara Kiri’ costing £22.30 – to return a £40 credit note. Leaving you £2 change on credit!

Don’t want a game?! Then go for the ‘cash’ value on them of £7/copy. That’ll be £126 (on 18 copies), for your (net) £77.86 spend – meaning £48.14 of free money! By simply receiving some Blu-rays in the post, unwrapping them and getting down to your local CEX.

IMPORTANT: LoopHoling is not a guaranteed form of income. Prices on website (both buying and selling) are subject to change and if this happens, you will be responsible to either unload the goods yourself (or just send them back to the retailer for a full refund – to which you may be responsible for the return postage costs). Always adhere by the rules/decisions of the respective outlets and accept their decision as final. LoopHoling is not illegal, its not a scam and its not unethical to do so – you’re following their rules, sticking to their limits and simply operating on the ‘Digital Stockmarket’

Note: CEX rarely accept sealed copies of titles. However, retailers will not accept a return of items if they are unsealed – so I recommend you take the items sealed to your CEX, and once the price has been confirmed and you’re ready to ‘press the button’ you then unwrap them and trade/sell. *IF* however you are attempting to trade/sell a title to CEX which has a title ending with “(S)” this denotes the item must be sealed, so this will have to remain sealed from start to finish.

Apologies for the sheer meatiness of todays post. As the process of ‘LoopHoling’ required some explanation, it took up some published inches – but going forward, when you all become professional loopers – I'll have to explain the process less and less :D

Happy Looping,

The LoopHoler


  • Frank
    What a coincidence i should read in your post, Zavvi.co.uk. “Oooooo” the masses will say. They are not so widely favoured for their delivery times, I ordered from them on the 20/08/12 and still waiting 30/08/12.
  • Darren
    It is well known that things like this exist, but publishing it on a website like this is just plain wrong. either you are going to effect the company in a bad way, or the consumer who follows your advice and gets shafted! Bad show as ever bitterwallet, at least you used to give advise, now you are turning to the other way, next you will be recommending wonga.com bring in the ambulance chasers!
  • PaulS
    Hmm by the time the items arrived from Zavvi no doubt the credit price from Cex will drop, especially once a few punters at different stores drop a load of these 'unsellable' discs on them, or they catch on to their actual cost. Can you honestly see any Cex store blindly accept 18 copies of the same film without them wondering if something is up? I see these 'deals' posted on HUKD all the time and wonder why people bother, yes you may be lucky and get a bargain but probably only if you are one of the first people to find a deal. Easier to wait a few months until the price of the game you want to buy has dropped significantly and save all this hassle.
  • Rob
    ... a lot of work for a non-guaranteed return, I'll stick with digging ditches for minimum wage ...
  • Kevin
    That is incredibly convoluted, with many points where it could collapse and leave you with products you don't want. Nice if you can get lucky but seriously a weird thing to be 'selling' to us.
  • Darren
    Maybe bitterwallet have shares in zavvi, or an advertising contract with them, cleaver way to unload crap stock!
  • Dick
    I like stores where the girls are on their knees.
  • Rob
    if your gonna do it..do it properly please. and loopholing? what a stupid name Sainsburys has been good recently with cheap DVDS / blurays last week Land before time £4 sainsburys, £17 cash in CEX, sold them 6 Family guy season 11, £5 sainsburys, £13 cash, sold 8 copies Family guy season 10, £5 sainsburys, £10 cash, sold 6 copies Family guy season 9, £5 sainsburys, £9 cash, sold 7 copies The best Zavvi one was the Toy Story / lion king trilogys £12.97 once discount codes cashback received £18 cash in CEX but not just £5 profit each one. no 500 point Disney moview reward codes in each so doubled up youve got a free Disney 3d bluray. I now have 41 copies of lion king 3d & beauty and the beast 3d, B&B has been deleted so will be selling for £40 each by Xmas ?Why bother fo
  • Dick
    ^ Yeah. Doing it for one DVD is crazy. Do it for a range of them at the same time. A little extra work, much better payoff. Anything that has already been highlighted on the web will undoubtedly be less good by the time you get stock, and sell them to cex.
  • Rob
    my present purchase of "trade ins" destined for CEX have a 529% mark up so that Video game "mr loopholer" refers to would cost the equivalent of £7.18
  • LancerVancer
    Ex rental dvds can be some of the most profitable. Also poundshop dvds. Found a load of steam-train dvds that went to cex for 4 squid each.
  • Sicknote
    I guess if you're unemployed or scrounging some sort of sickness benefit then you'll have plenty of time for this.
  • Me
    Sicknote I applaud you! Nobody with a real job would bother to do that. maybe Chewbacca would do that during that period of the month that his mother is unable to provide full service.
  • Ivor H.
    Worst new post ever. Seriously, as pointed out numerous times above, by the time this 'loopholer' has posted, the prices will likely have dropped- so what's the point. Cex frequently drop prices based on bulk trading patterns, so all this post will achieve is a bunh of people thinking they will make a profit but being left with a stack of multiples they can only return- if they've not unsealed them to remove codes etc. If anyone's that desperate for £50 spend the time looking for a job that pays a bit more!
  • Ljc
    What a tunt this loopholer is. He crys like a baby if the gay station stores don't bend over and let him arse rape them via the price match policy they operate. He's so fucking thick, it took him months to realise why his loops didn't work. Ask him how many fora he managed to trade to telco for £28 a copy. I'll answer. None. That's because he can't keep his big mouth shut.
  • Bob
    Great. It always gets to me that there are a bunch of skinflints out there that buy up bargains for profits and Joe Bloggs can't get them because some git is queuing up with the skagheads in CEX to palm them off. 8 copies of Family Guy Season 11? 41 Disney 3D Blu-rays? What a c*nt. Get a real job.
  • LancerVancer
    Hahahaha. All the cunts that are saying get a real job. If your a savvy gamer then you have been doing this for years. I have a job but if i see the chance to get a game cheaper then i will take it. Game used to have trade in 2 titles get a new one for 99p. If you went and got the 2 cheapest games on the list you could get a new game for about 9.99. Is that bad? Or is it using your head and getting something cheaper? Some of the trolls and fucktards on this site need to get a life.
  • Muff G.
    And this is why CEX are complete toss and are about to fail, that and all its good for is fencing stolen goods for crack money
  • blah
    Bitterwallet, will you make your bloody minds up? Are you here to protect consumers from negative experiences, thus righting the wrongs of the world, or are you here to give everything and rip companies off?
  • James
    Sounds like a ball ache to me. The shithole that is my local Cex never "has cash", so that's a snag in the plan. I'll just work my job, earn my money and buy the game when it comes down to a good price. Got more self respect than to be known by Cex staff as "that twat who brings 20 copies of the same game in every week"
  • LancerVancer
    @James You must have tried it to know that they never "has cash". I bet your know as "the twat who always asks for cash".
  • LancerVancer
  • crap
    saw the Author and length of this article and thought FUCK THAT
  • xman
  • Danny J.
    Cex doesn't always have cash but there are many other outlets that do offer cash. powertradein.com have team of researchers that can help you find the best places to buy and sell games movies and electronics for cash profit.

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