Loom Bands: are they toxic?

loom bands Those Loom bands are nice aren't they? Getting kids into crafts rather than them sitting around eating bogeys and playing beat 'em ups on their consoles.

Well, they might not be good. In fact, they might be rather bad as swathes of the brightly coloured elastic bands are being tested because they might be full of harmful levels of toxic chemicals.

Official sorts fear that loom bands imported from 'the Far East' might not comply with toy safety regulations that we have in the UK and trading standards officers reckon there's a chance that these loom bands... or should we say DOOM BANDS... could contain 500 times the legal limits of phthalates.

That can harm your health. Why, you may as well give little Maisy 20 Benson & Hedges, you monsters.

Phthalate, basically, is something that can be transferred from plastic into the body through saliva or sweat and the legal limit in toys shouldn't exceed 0.1 per cent. However, some loom bands contained around 50 per cent.

The British Assay Office found loom band related products had 500 times the legal level of toxins.

Anyway, enough of this clickbait nonsense. Go ahead and eat a handful of poisonous loom bands and see if you die. We're not the boss of you.


  • Angry S.
    I certainly hope they are. the wearing of Loom Bands is an indication of terminal fuckwittery; therefore they will get what they deserve.
  • Shitter T.
    Angry you c*nt, f*ck off and join Tim Lovejoy in being a prize dick.
  • Pie M.
    Loom bands = yet more crap to end up in the landfill in short order. FFS.

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