Logo news: Microsoft has a new logo

Here's Microsoft's new logo.

new microsoft logo

Any thoughts then?


  • klingelton
  • Ross
    Think you mean *Gay*
  • Natty
    Looks like a health care provider to me, why I dont know.
  • Chewbacca
    Umm, that's NEW? Wow.
  • Witwicky
    Probably paid a whole team several mil just to come up with that uninspired crap.
  • press o.
    Gap.. Gay... Oh oh my turn Grey.. Your turn.
  • Zleet
    Looks a bit dated and boring.
  • Rob
    Looks a bit like a window. Oh.
  • Andy B.
    Looks a lot like Fast Dial's logo to me. Get them sued, Fast Dial!!
  • Alphonse G.
    Looks a fair bit like dvdvideosoft's logo.
  • clunge
    Plenty of thoughts, but none of them related to the 'new' logo. No thoughts about foxes either. Apart from that one.
  • captain c.
    Bunch of squares (I mean Microsoft, not the logo, which looks like my local sarni shop's logo)
  • Tom
    Looks good, 25 years between rebrand is a long time.
  • DragonChris
    Pointless. I preferred the wavy window.
  • Me
    DragonChris - The Wavy logo was the Windows logo. Microsoft just traditionally had the name as the logo. And yes I no this is a boring posting but at least its less boring than this new logo...
  • Me
    know not no. Damn stupid mistake.
  • FJ
    They are really trying to shove the new interface in our faces. The new interface that is fine on phones, not so much on the office PC.
  • Shooter M.
    Let's see what through the square window... I always rooted for the arched window, personally
  • Lobster M.
    wonder how much the rebranding cost MS ...
  • Richard C.
    Did they draw it in Paint?
  • Grant T.
    They could have done a better logo if they used Paint
  • Bloke
    I tried to look at the logo but got a message telling me that my eyes were no longer supported and I would have to upgrade them.
  • Samantha
    ROFL! I mean, I see what they did there, they're trying to make it look metro-ish ahead of the windows 8 launch, but ugh, I like a lot of the cleaner web 2.0 look, but sometimes it just gets stupid.
  • Me
    The london Olympics logo has just lost his throne as "worst logo ever".
  • Justin
    It's pants.

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