Local press on the case of Peterborough theft

More in our continuing coverage of why the British media is increasingly worth less than zero pence, courtesy of the Peterborough Evening Telegraph and avid (if somewhat bewildered) Bitterwallet reader Joff:

Bitterwallet - Peterborough Even Telegraph
Bitterwallet - Peterborough Even Telegraph story about a pillow case


  • M4RKM
    A fucking pillowcase? The thieves would have done better if they had stolen the damn alarm system...
  • Michael
    One can only imagine how the children are feeling during this time...
  • BranMan
    Police are saying it's an open-ended case.
  • Paul S.
    Interestingly - well, slightly more interestingly - a local journalist I know has provided some context to the story; the pillow cases were stolen to use as swag bags, so the robbery was probably more substantial. Quite why the paper chose to ignore that point is a different matter.
  • danmc
    @BranMan Dude Alan Carr's on the phone he want's his joke back.
  • Gurdo
    If ever there was a case for bringing back capital punishment, then this is it. These thieves are worse than Mary Bale...
  • lightning101
    I don't know how these people sleep at night :(
  • Alcardi
    I wouldn't be surprised if Mossad was behind this.
  • Rough j.
    How scum like this can sleep at night, well now maybe they can.....
  • Megamart
    Similar thing happened to me. Someone stole the rice from my curry delivery. Apparently these pillau thefts are becoming increasingly common.
  • concerned
    Megamart: You tried too hard.
  • Jason
    Haha typical of the Eevening Telegraph
  • Phil M.
    someone's already beaten me to point out that you use the pillowcases to hold valuables. That they didn't specifiy anything greater being stolen causes me to think they were disturbed and ran off with what little they had at that point
  • Joff
    The pillow cases were indeed used as swag bags... containing more pillowcases!
  • Bill B.
    Maybe it was Santa, stocking up for christmas.... :(
  • The B.
    Perhaps they were pillow thieves and used the pillow cases as swag bags? Personally I'm an advocate of empty my sack as often as possible, preferably on a attractive young lady (or my wife if there are none available).
  • Barry F.
    Joff is a well known Peterborough computer nerd. Really should get out more.
  • Newspaper B.
    [...] The plight of the local press continues, although this time it isn’t a desperate attempt to fill pages of dead wood with stories of stolen pillowcases. [...]

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