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The state of modern football eh? Avid Bitterwallett reader and even more avid Liverpool fan Jon L writes…

“I just emailed Liverpool Football Club questioning the 'Vote For Your LFC Man Of The Match' poll on their website for last nights shambles. I questioned why it wasn't possible to vote for Reading players on the poll and suggested for a poll for 'Who Was The Worst Player' when we lose.
The clubs response? An generic email offering me the opportunity to “show your loyal support for LFC by applying for an official LFC credit card at 15.9% APR.""



  • Fella-Tio
    hahahahaaha filthy scousers
  • Nobby
    It's the LFC Man of the Match, not the Man of the Match for a reason. Liverpool want to win everything. So they make sure the competition is Liverpool players only to ensure a Liverpool player will win. If everyone voted 0 for every player (or 1 if that is the lowest), then they would claim the award was shared between all the players, and say that they were all winners, rather than admit that they were all a bunch of complete losers last night. As for the credit card ad, that's just a robot reply. Sometimes it is better not to reply than to send stuff like that.
  • The B.
    Has that chap in the photo just robbed some poor souls silverware? Honestly, these scallys, if it isn't nailed down they'll have it.
  • Dolla
    Suppose its better than the email that fan recieved from Hicks Jnr
  • Tynesider
    I've had enough of the shambles, supported LFC since 1965, Ive asked to unsubscribe from the site and how to stop payment...I got the same reply as you. I am sick of lining Benitez's pockets so until he goes I want out. Bring back Phil Thompson,Steve Heighway and put King Kenny in charge until the end of the season :(
  • Tynesider
    Lol Dolla
  • Dolla
    Lets not forget Liverpool fans are not a booing crowd if we call for managers to be sacked then we are quite hypocritical lets not forget our song YNWA
  • Gadget f.
    Got to agree with Nobby on this one, surely it's obvious you are voting for Liverpool's man of the match, not the overall man of the match?! And also, surely the "who was the worst player" result is the player who received the least votes in the above?? Simples, no?!?!
  • Kevin
    Did the Reading website have a poll for the top Liverpool player? If not why not! :P
  • Adam2050
  • dunfyboy
    There should at least be a "none of the above" option. They were pish last night. The big problem is that's nothing new.
  • andy y.
    The problem is more to do with Football Clubs generally that treat customers with contempt. The only customer they care about is Sky
  • oliverreed
    Football loving numpties
  • Jay
    They're even trying to sell tickets that don't exist now. This email was sent to my brother before the game had even finished last night. Dear Alan, As a valued member of the Auto Cup Scheme, we’d like to confirm details for the following FA Cup match: FA Cup Liverpool v Burnley (4th Round) Saturday 23rd January 2010. Kick Off: 12.45pm The Ticket Office will begin taking payments for the above game from Thursday 14th January. Please note: customers whose payments fail will not be notified due to the short timescale involved. Payment failure and subsequent non purchase of a ticket for this game in the competition will result in the removal from the scheme. We do advise that you check your 'purchase history' on line at to ensure that a seat has been purchased for this game. Alternatively, please contact Customer Services on 0844 844 2005. Season Ticket Holders whose normal seat is available (i.e. the seat used at F.A. Premier League matches) for this match WILL NOT receive a match ticket. The respective fan cards will be activated for this match and Season Ticket Holders should access the stadium using their fan cards. Season Ticket Holders who cannot be offered their normal seats WILL receive a match ticket for an alternative seat. Those customers who are unsure whether their normal seats are available can check for this information on-line or alternatively contact the Customer Services Department for clarification (0844 844 2005). If your credit or debit card has expired or is about to, or you have had a replacement card (even if one or two numbers have changed) can you please ensure that your details are updated as soon as possible to ensure that you are allocated a seat for this game. Details of updated credit or debit card numbers, expiry/start dates etc can be provided by calling Customer Services - 0844 844 2005 or alternatively can be faxed to 0151 261 1416 for the attention of the ACS Team or put in writing to the ACS Team, LFC Ticket Office, PO Box 204, L69 PQ. Please be advised that we are no longer able to accept Maestro, Switch or Solo cards for recurring debit card payments relating to card schemes. For further details, please refer to the terms and conditions in your season ticket renewal booklet.t. Kind Regards, The Ticket Office
  • Nobby
    I guess at least they weren't trying to sell tickets for the final just yet.
  • Gazza
    And now liverpool are after readings keeper lol..shocking but man of the match for me over both legs
  • Warwick H.
    Get Keegan in, he's not had a club to walk out on for yonks, he must be missing it.
  • charitynjw
    Awww - Never mind, I'm sure they'll double that to 30% asap
  • charitynjw
    Alright, nearly double, Mr Nitpicky
  • Do B.
    [...] year when the club responded to a fan’s complaint about the dire state of affairs on the pitch by auto-replying with a generic email offering them a 15.9%APR Liverpool credit [...]
  • Watch O.
    did anyone watch the game against wigan? we was lucky but also unlucky haha. thing is we need to make some fast changes or we may face losing our best players. which we dont want happening. YNWA
  • Football N.
    Typical football clubs - Screwing as much money out of their fans as possible. Reminds me of the time Man United altered their grey kit midseason after they claimed that it brought them bad luck...

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