Littlewoods promotional offer - RESULT!

When we highlighted the saga of the latest Littlewoods promotional vouchers, we thought we may be opening a whole can of worms with ants in their pants. Plenty of you told us how unhappy you were with the looming threat of having to refund discounts awarded by Littlewoods, because the vouchers were only applicable to particular people and new customers.

We heard from several of you who'd had dealings with Littlewoods in the past, we discussed the matter at length with a solicitor on Friday, and ultimately we couldn't find a definitive answer for those who had made purchases using the promotional codes. Bugger.

So thank goodness for Littlewoods then, and thank you to a senior manager at the Shop Direct Group for letting us know the following good news:

Further to your article I can confirm that with regards to this voucher code, we will not be reclaiming back from customers, regardless of whether they were eligible or not.

So those of you who frequent the HUKD forums, rejoice and rest easy, safe in the knowledge that both your goods and your bank account are safe and sound.


  • Benjimoron
    Is there anyway of getting that statement into the established press or something? At the moment I don't think anyone could rely on saying that they saw on Bitterwallet that it was ok.
  • Mike H.
    Dear BW, Yeah, but did he have his fingers crossed, then sniggered like a little girl as he sent the email? Mike Hock - M.Ing.E, SH1T Head of corporate BS Shop-Shop-Shop Ltd (See, It's dead easy...) Yeah right Littlecocks, we buy your crap, tell us it's OK to use the voucher code, that us naughty lil customers shouldn't be using, but we'll let you off this time, and then hit us with a charge once Chrimbo's out the way and you can't return it.
  • info
    I heard from a source somewhere that littlewoods would be doing as mike hock (above) said. Unfortunately I cannot remember where I read this info but it was most likely a post by a user on HUKD. I also cannot remember if it was insider info or not. Either way I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole after hearing other users problems and their extortionate normal prices.
  • Adam
    I got charged the full wack for 67 quids worth of products when I used a £30 off voucher, they stated on the phone this will be return after the 14 day period, is this true?
  • Paul S.
    Hi Adam - reading through the experiences of other customers on HUKD, this seems to be standard operating procedure, so I wouldn't worry too much. Everyone in your position seems to have received their discount sooner or later.
  • Adam
    Thank you paul for your response.
  • callum
    It's fair enough littlewoods won't let anyone use codes intended for specific people, but they should reject the code at the time of ordering if they don't want you to use it. That can't be too hard to implement (but then they would get less orders from people thinking they were going to get a discount, and less money to reclaim).
  • Benjimoron
    Any chance of getting something more official? I don't think anyone should rely on saying they thought it was ok as they saw it on Bitterwallet.
  • N I.
    Does this statement mean anything then? I opened an account and got the £30 off for £60 spend (as im a new customer), however I then came across the £50 of £100 spend, which I also decided to use as I needed some more stuff and seeing how I was an existing member, it would apply to me. Am I safe or not?
  • Adam
    I can confirm I got my £30 quid back today. Not bad got Buzz for ps3 for like £20 quid :)
  • Anonymous C.
    I complained about littlewoods direct mailing, sharing details amongst their 'group', creating catalogue accounts for users without my knowledge etc. They did stop sending me wadges of crap for a few months and now the buggers have started again. Off to ICO I go. Shop with these guys at your peril.
  • Shop B.
    [...] is no word on how much the Littlewoods voucher codes contributed to the big uptick in Christmas [...]
  • Littlewoods B.
    [...] This has happened countless times before; a quick search of the net will reveal plenty of chatter concerning this in the HUKD forums and elsewhere online. Last year we highlighted a similar issue with Littlewoods attempting to claw back a specific discount which essentially equated to free money, and we eventually got a result for customers. [...]

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