Like Vanilla Ice, there's some bad (w)rapping going down*

We can't decide whether this is comedy genius or an incredibly clever way of disguising appalling customer service. But hats off to for creating the CrapWrap TM phenomena:

No, you haven't got wonky eyes and you haven't been drinking too much. Although you might have. It's a genuine service offered to customers, although it costs no more than having a present properly wrapped by somebody other than the man with ten thumbs. We can't help but think it says "I might have to partake in this fawning Yuletide charade, but you're still dead to me". Or maybe it's just a bit of a laugh.

Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Cheney for letting us know!

* hilarious cultural reference lost on everyone under the age of 25


  • SJT
    Surely the point in paying for a wrapping service is that you are crap at wrapping yourself.....?
  • ODB
    Where's Acecatcher3 when you need him? hes king of bad raps!
  • Steve
    GENIUS! It makes it look like you've gone to the effort of wrapping it yourself, excellent for men who cant wrap and who's partners/friends KNOW that they cant. A perfectly wrapped present would be obviously not done by them.
  • Mike H.
    Dope, now my bitch will think I paid that little bit extra to have her pressies 'CRAPWRAPED'

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