Lidl trolls Sainsbury's 50p challenge error

It’s not enough that the bargain supermarkets are cheaper and more popular than the traditional stalwarts, now Lidl is proving that it too is as funny as Aldi by taking out massive adverts in national newspapers just to take the proverbial out of Sainsbury’s.

You can’t have failed to notice the huge gaffe Sainsbury’s made the other day, when a staff motivation poster encouraging workers to squeeze just 50p more out of every customer was accidentally posted in the main store window, rather than in the staff room. So Lidl have responded in kind, designing their own mock-up of the same poster and printing it in two national newspapers today.


Of course, there is one important difference in the Lidl ad- rather than wanting customers to spend 50p more, Lidl wants their ‘lovely’ customers to save as many 50ps as they can, tying it in to their latest #lidlsurprises campaign.

Arnd Pickhardt, advertising and marketing director of Lidl UK, said: "We saw an opportunity to show - in a light-hearted way - how our customers can make savings of 50p and beyond by shopping with us. As part of our #LidlSurprises campaign, we're always looking for fun ways to surprise and delight our customers."

We’re down with being surprised and delighted by humorous trolling. Every little helps.


  • Martin Q.
    Every Lidl helps.
  • AngelaLynch
    Very quick and witty, well done. You have guaranteed me as a customer!
  • OldGit
    Interesting business model - if they want their 'lovely' customers to save money, why not just give the stuff away?
  • mrs a.
    I will never shop at Lidl nor any of those awful cheap shops

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