Lidl plan on going upmarket with "stores of the future"

Lidl have confirmed that they are looking to invest £1.5bn in the UK in an effort to appeal to the more upmarket shopper and at the same time providing more convenience to their existing shoppers.

It was their plan to open 30-40 new stores a year but they've increased this to 40-50 and 150 existing stores will see a major refurbishment introducing self service checkouts, customer toilets with baby changing facilities, improved wine and beer cellar. Aisles will become wider and to make the stores lighter there will be a bigger glass frontage.

It is a common complaint with Lidl that your shopping is rushed through the checkout and you're expected to pack at either breakneck speed or take your goods to the back shelf to pack at your own leisure. Lidl say that they're now going to make their checkouts longer so theres less rush to pack.

Their so called "stores of the future" will use LED lighting to become energy efficient and they've also got plans to recycle heat from their refrigerators to warm the store so its operations are cheaper and greener than traditional outlets. The first of these stores is their Northampton (Rushden) which opens today (12th). Looks alright, doesn't it...

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  • warwick h.
    A new super Lidl is to be built close to us and its right opposite Aldi, a new Asda store 5 minutes away is due to open in January, two years behind schedule which may cost them dearly.We now have four supermarkets, no bank, the last remaining one of four was demolished to make way for Asda, no building societies, we used to have three, no estate agents, we used to have three, four betting shops, we used to have one, fast food takeaways by the dozen and by a miracle we still have a Post Office and of course a Greggs which goes without saying.All the local businesses have been crushed by the big boys, the cycle shop, radio & TV shop, 3 fruiterers,2 butchers, mini market,2 paper shops, pork shop, DIY shop, general goods (wall paper and such) shop, furniture store, shoe shop, cobblers, ice cream parlour, photography shop, 2 chemists,appliance repair shop, card shop, baby clothes shop all swept away or demolished.The local council is bleating that the High St is in dilapidation which is like Cameron complaining to his local Council about the cuts to services.
  • Han S.
    Strange how people always moan about chains putting small shops out of business yet the reason they go out of business is because no one shops there in the first place.

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