Let's hope she can't read those pre-approved credit offers

Here's a good reason to set up password protected Windows accounts at home: Little Pipi Quinlan, age three, of Stanmore Bay north of Auckland, NZ purchased a construction digger for £8,000 on an auction site.

She didn't get to the auction site from scratch, but she continued browsing the diggers her mother was looking at on the TradeMe auction site, New Zealand's answer to eBay. Now, mum was looking for toy diggers, but left up a page of real diggers, one of which Pipi bought early in the morning before her parents were awake.

Mum found out about it from an email congratulating her on winning the auction and assuring her she would find the digger more than satisfactory. But it was the bill for NZ$20,000 that left her gobsmacked. Fortunately, the seller of the digger was a sport about it and reversed the sale.

So let this be a lesson to you online shoppers used to leaving your browsers open. Log out or use a screen saver with a password, lest your cat take a nap on the keyboard and accidentally buy you 4 million pairs of latex thong knickers.



  • Matt S.
    Another cautionary tale about using non-specific search terms.
  • Gus
    I read about that last Friday!
  • Rick
    I call bollocks, there's no way. and how irresponsible a parent must you be for this!
  • Mark M.
    @Rick why irresponsible? My son bought 2 scalextric cars from Ebay when he was 3. I was signed in and looking at them but left the PC for a moment, during which time he must have bought them. It diesn't make me irresponsible though
  • Tom P.
    I get wankers all the time claiming their kids have bid by "mistake" on my eBay items.
  • Nobby
    My baby / cat / dead granny bid is just an excuse for I cannot pay / I will not pay / I bid too much.

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