Let's go back in time with the GeoCities

Ah, GeoCities. For fifteen years, you provided us with dazzling, content-rich website designs that we considered the future of digital enlightenment. They weren't, though. They were rubbish. Yet nearly 40 million of them were built and all are now lost in the sands of time.

Or are they?

Yes, yes they are. But thanks to GeoCities-izer, you can turn back the clock and relive those misspent evenings of your youth. Enter the URL of any available website, and the GeoCities-izer will render it into a migraine-inducing glare, a Comic Sans utopia for you to enjoy over and over again.

Bitterwallet - the GeoCities-izer
Voila! Bitterwallet circa 1997, accompanied by Deep Blue Something's Breakfast At Tiffany's. Yes, remember to turn your speakers up too!


  • Late
    I miss geocities. It's sites/pages looked crap and amateurish, but it was fantastic for whipping up a semi-decent page, whether to use as your homepage or to use for some temporary project. Haven't found anything as good for the complete amateur since it closed. (I use x10hosting.com, but I don't much like it.)
  • yo
    results are very realistic. Well done geocities-izer. One comment though, it is missing that pop-up ad that used to appear in the top right hand corner. Get that in and bob's your uncle
  • mein c.
    bitterwallet was a fan of hot dog stand, excellent
  • Mobile G.
    http://members.fortunecity.com/gendrondesigndesk/midis/st/tubthumping.mid Brilliant!
  • Andy B.

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