Len Dastard reports – ACS:Law file sharing cases end

Bitterwallet-Len-Dastard-featuredIt is I, Len Dastard, real life litigation executive and imaginary retired Mexican lucha libre. We have followed this particular story from the off. As a recap, take a look at here.

This has been rumbling on now for quite some time but finally the long-running cases brought by ACS:Law against (supposed) file sharers came to an end this month.

Michael Forrester acting for the Defendants confirmed that a confidential out of court settlement had been reached with ACS:Law. As if that wasn’t enough, Michael Forrester has urged more people to come forward - "It can be incredibly upsetting for people to receive these letters and they may well have a claim in harassment, so we are urging them to come forward."

Now, what next for ACS:Law? Well, they have ceased trading. Their sole practitioner, Mark Andrew Crossley (instigator of this embarrassing debacle), is due to appear before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal on 18th August 2011. The charges that he faces are:

- Allowing his independence to be compromised.
- Acted contrary to the best interests of his client.
- Acted in a way to diminish the trust placed by the public in the legal profession.
- Giving false statements to the court; and
- Using his position to take unfair advantage of others.

The decision will not be known until October 2011.

When MediaCAT first approached Crossley to deal with these matters I would imagine his eyes lit up. Sending thousands of letters demanding £500 compensation. It would have meant massive bucks for him. As it is, he comes out of this facing the very real prospect that he will be suspended by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. Such a shame.

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  • Marky M.
    Greedy brief hoist by his own petard? Pity he's not struck off altogether. Still, on to the next one, eh?
  • Alexis
    £500 compensation being an arbitrary figure, plucked from the air. You'd have trouble causing £500 actual loss from downloading one adult movie.
  • DirtyFox
    Alexis - Laptop's aren't waterproof. (Or spunk proof.)
  • Dick
    Will he qualify to be a bitterwallet writer?
  • Cheesey
    Mark Crossley? The principal of scumbags ACS:Law was fatboy Andrew Crossley.
  • Hammond
    I am yet know the SRA outcome for Davenport Lyons . If his flobby fatness is reading this just to let you know , you mutated Tele Tubby, that I when I received the letters you turned my nervous breakdown into a total mental collapse . I am now no longer able to carry on trading whilst you sit in your mansion with the Bentley parked out side . Proud of your self ? Daft question as greedy , slimy bottom feeders like your self couldn`t give a hoot . I hope your SRA hearing is in public .Got your script sorted yet?

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