Lego - the building blocks of history

Behold, for it is Lego - the wundertoy of ages. It's the Bible! It's a video game! It's the coolest business card you'll ever see! Is there anything those plastic bricks of joy can't do?

Seemingly not, because they can also be used to recreate defining moments of history:

There are plenty more to see on Flickr. Lego - it's bloody aces.


  • Adam2050
  • Bradley S.
  • Mike H.
    Ahhh, many a happy day wasted looking for that bastard 4 pip piece on mums floral carpet! "FFS mum, stop hoovering! Ahhh, there it is, under me slippers..."
  • Martin
    It is not historically correct. They need to add a dash of white powder to do that.

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