Legal Sleaze are Enemies of Reason, online thieving ahoy

In case you need it, here's a lesson about why you shouldn't cut-and-paste entire stories from another website and pass them off as your own.

Anton Vowl is a blogger who devotes his time (some of it, at least) to calling out the Daily Mail and other tabloids for their bullshit-baffles-brains approach to journalism. Anton recently discovered that the excellent posts from his Enemies of Reason blog were appearing on a completely unrelated site, reproduced in their entirety with no links or attribution. In fact the website in question,, would occasionally publish the posts under Anton's name, and sometimes under their own.

So Anton kicked off this morning in a very potty-mouthed outburst about Legal Sleaze, and called the owners out for blatantly stealing his work. Half an hour later, guess what's the top story on Legal Sleaze?

Bitterwallet - Legal Sleaze rips off blog

That the name attributed to Anton's posts changes suggests the scraping process isn't always automated and there's some manual work going on - although in this instance, it's clear the automation has played a blinder. If you're Legal Sleaze and you're reading this, kindly punch yourself in the balls, will you? We're happy for you to take all the credit for it, too. Cheers.


  • Alex
    It would have been easier to get a wordpress plugin to stop the scraping but not as funny I suppose :)
  • Alan C.
    Once I found a whole site which copied all of the posts from the forum at, not only did they copy the posts but they renamed all of the users,avatars and signatures.....strangest thing I've ever seen someone do.

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