Legal highs blanket ban to be announced?

An example of someone hammered on legal highs
An example of someone hammered on legal highs

The Queen's Speech is about to drop like a mixtape no-one asked for and, one of the interesting things that could be included is a complete ban on all 'legal highs'.

We're not talking about people drinking red wine or sniffing bags of Airfix glue, but rather, the stuff they sell in hippie shops that mimic proper drugs. So, basically, synthetic weed and stuff that is meant to be like a legal version of whizz or coke.

There could be a blanket ban on 'new psychoactive substances.'

Don't worry if you're a recreational drug user - your dealer won't be going out of business as they're operating under the radar anyway. However, 'head shops' will be most displeased, but they'll still be able to sell bongs and weed-grinders... this only hits the sales of the sachets of things like Go Gaine and whatnot.

There's said to be around 250 head shops in the UK, which have been selling all manner of legal highs. They've been coming under increasing scrutiny after the potions sold at these outlets have been linked to 97 deaths in 2012, as kids look for other avenues of getting out of their trees.


Sez The Queen: "New legislation will modernise the law on communications data, improve the law on policing and criminal justice, and ban the new generation of psychoactive drugs."

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