Lazaruswatch: All hail the return of... MFI

mfi Be excited. Be afraid. Be confused. That’s because MFI is back, back, BACK! As of tomorrow, the iconic brand name will be in business once more, and like Woolworths, it’ll be online only. Oh, and won’t be selling kitchens any more.

MFI went into administration in 2008 but the new-look company is being headed by Adrian Storr, a man who was a director at the original company for nine years. NOTHING CAN GO WRONG NOW.

The all-new, online only MFI will be flogging “high quality luxurious and affordable home furnishings” but as we said earlier, no kitchens. The new business will offer delivery features including stipulating a preferred delivery date when the order is made and tracking the delivery at every stage. IT CAN NOT FAIL THIS TIME.

We’re not sure what time the brand new MFI site will go live – see if you can get there and have look before we do. THIS IS IT.


  • nicholson101
    You spelt shit wrong at the end.
  • Beelzebob
    Oh thank god..... Thank the good lord Jesus 'tapdancing' Christ.... I've been needing an online retailer to buy affordable quality furnishings. I'm reluctant to use IKEA because I want a respectable high st brand.... no... fly-by-night nonsense.... no sir... not me.... I want a reputable established high st named retailer to by my furninshings... and now at last my prayers are answered....
  • Brad
    Made For Idiots
  • Mark
    Wow - 60% OFF All orders placed before Dec 12th. Quick get your orders in ! And even better they have great names for the product ranges: Trondheim, Ploermel, Chiari, Zamora, etc. They must be high quality products with names like that. They just can't fail this time........
  • Dick
    Yeah, time to buy stocks in cardboard.
  • DantMan6
    Mother F###ers International. I can remember my dad ringing up and complaing about a "missing" side of a piece of furniture. He called them this down the phone. Turns out the old man had the side upside down. DOH!!!
  • Just checked their website out, it actually looks pretty good, as does the pricing, guess not having to rent massive showrooms anymore helps em pass on well needed savings to the consumer... Bravo I say good luck to them!
  • Test M.

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