Last Chance: Vote Now for Bitterwallet's 2008 Worst Company UK!

Hey guys! Happy New Year!  May fabulous '09 bring lots of joy, happiness and prosperity to all.  Unlike the soon-to-be winner of Bitterwallet's 2008 Worst Company of the UK Award, who will have plenty of work to do to meet their New Year's resolutions.

What award, you ask?  Of course, we are referring to the stinky poo prize, made of genuine cheap plastic covered with golden glitter, an equally good reflection of the winning company's products and customer service.

Something for the CEO and board of directors to ponder about before counting their New Year's bonus and dividends in their leather chair behind that £50k mahogany desks.

The final contestants are 3 vs Setanta, by your votes.  We know, we know.. you think that Paypal, eBay, and every other company on the list is crap, and should have made it through.  So do we, but even if they didn't get nominated in '08 to receive their special delivery package at the doorstep, hopefully just by the mere fact that the 32 most nominated finalists are in the competition will mean they'll try harder in 2009.

And if they are constipated, that means we'll just have to bring them back in for next year's round!

So... get voting before the polls shut to decide who you think is the worst company in the UK.  Currently at 251 votes, Setanta is taking the lead at 52% over 3 at 48%.

We have decided to keep this final round running for another day or so to make sure we get your collective votes.  Winner will be announced by the 5th of Jan 2009.   Ding!


  • tony
    both companies are crap, unfair matching up.
  • Andrew
    Three!!! Catch up, be the worst!
    PAYPAL SHULD BE IN THIS FINAL! 3 is the smallest mobile phone network in the country and has less subscribers than virgin mobile who use t-mobiles network. BULLSHITE FINAL NOT VOTING ITS A FIX
  • Mr D.
    Can we not just a 1st 2nd and 3rd placing.. Ta D
  • andrew
    there are many many many worse companies than this. i expcted this to be better. like someone said- not worth voting as its an unfair final. will not reading a long article on the worst company (from whoever loses between sententa or 3) simply becuase these two are not the worst companies out there. pointless waste of time fix.
  • Steve M.
    I've been following this competition closely from the beginning and I'm really disappointed at how its turned out. I'm neither a Setanta nor Three customer so I cant even vote! I just hope its not been high jacked by some of those devil corporations. From my own terrible experiences I think paypal / ebay should have won this hands down!
  • Martin
    I can't speak of 3, due to never having been a customer, but perhaps those who are bothered by the validity of the voting might consider that Watchdog featured Setanta recently, and BBC said that they had received ".....a staggering amount of complaints" about their customer service. The discussion about Setanta's customer service is towards the end of the clip available at the following link:
  • Rockgeek
    It's not the amount that should be taken into consideration, it's the percentage. If Sentanta had 1m users and 500k angry customers, that's 50% angry-ness factor (excuse the highly complex stats!!!) If 3 had 2m users and 600k angry customers, although more angry customers are present, the percentage is only at 30% which makes it a better company overall. Therefore these votes are flawed from the start... not to mention that we have to assume that not many people will have heard of the poll and therefore a fair representation wouldn't have been heard. Ah well. eBay sucks.
  • Fuk s.
    Wankety Wank.......................3 are the worst :(
  • kerry
    3 should walk this. I got a 3 phone and didn't need it so told them, packaged it up and sent it were it was supposed to go. Recorded Delivery too. A month later i got a bill for about £260 with a lot of calls to the Congo. I rang up and explained I don't know anybody in Africa and that this isnt me. NP the plebs said we will sort it. Month later the bill was about £300 and now a delightful shade of red, again i rang, same answer. This happened every month with them definately sorting out this bit of fraud. Then after 6 months the bills stopped. Yay I thought, finally. 2 years later I got a bill from Westcott for this. When I rang them and spoke to Westcott, they sorted it out and finally (touch wood) the debt died. Oh yes and its a crap signal. Rant over
  • poooo
    Tiscali had nearly a double more votes in one poll/day, than BOTH of these companies have had in two/three days in this poll. TISCALI WINS!!!! Muhahahahaa. Ok, so I cant award them a golden poo. I'll just have to send the next best thing. ~Rover!, ROOVEERRRR!. HERE BOY!!!
    wonder how many votes have come from employees of the companys involved in this?
  • batesie
    /\ l l l What he said....
  • SJT
    By letting this run free for so long, you're reducing the validity of the results. Just get it over with, and publish the results.....
  • Jimbo
    This 'competition' had the potential to go very big. With HUKD's tie-in you could have garnered a lot of votes. However, the amount of time it's been dragged on for and the fact that for the most part people are practically excluded from having anything to do if they aren't involved with the companies that are going head-to-head on that date means that a once promising idea to name and shame the country's worst company went completely dull. A simple poll containing all the companies that people had issues with with the 'winner' (or loser, depending how you look at it) being the one with the largest percentage of the vote would have been far better. You could have announced the winner on New Years Day similar to all the radio stations that have their "Best five hundred songs ever or at least ever since last New Years Day" chart. An elimination scheme that dragged on for weeks and pitched companies against each other just doesn't work. My tuppence worth. Jim
  • Anon
    I agree with what Jim said. I've never dealt with setanta so I can't comment. But building on Jims idea why don't you do a proper vote FOR EACH CATEGORY on HUKD? e.g seperate category for mobiles, clothing, etc... Then people who actually have used the companys can vote for them, instead of a football style final. This is going to be a real waste of time, and the Bitterwallet management are not going to be happy about it!
  • jc
    I am thrilled that 3 have got through to the final being a truly pants company but alas, as I suspected from the start when the names were published, it looks as though Setanta are going to be crowned the winners/losers. It seems as though the ultimate felony is, indeed, to have a service that is impossible to cancel!
  • john
  • Martin
    Setanta is a subscription sports channel, John- broadcasting on various platforms, including Sky- and is reportedly approaching 1.5 million subscribers. Their growth has been spearheaded by holding two-thirds of the live rights to English Premier League football. They've been especially criticised for the difficulties customers have experienced when attempting to cancel the service.

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