Lapland theme park brothers jailed for 13 months


The two brothers who masterminded the diabolical Lapland New Forest theme park in 2008 have been jailed for 13 months for misleading the public.

Visitors who paid £25 a ticket were met with a log cabins that were green-painted sheds, a ‘tunnel of light’ that was nothing more than some fairy lights hanging from a series of trees, a huddle of unhappy animals and a broken ice rink – a far cry from the ‘absolutely magical scene’ that was promised.

The brothers who ran the shambolic Lapland New Forest are 67-year-old Victor Mears and his little brother Henry, 60, and both are now behind bars. Perhaps the highlight of the whole sorry caper was the summing up of the judge as he passed sentence.

He said…

“You promised customers in your advertising an amazing snow-covered Lapland village which was - in your own wonderful words - 'Where dreams really do come true' and 'Where we have prided ourselves on attention to detail'.

You told consumers that it would light up those who most loved Christmas. You said you would go through the magical tunnel of light coming out in a winter wonderland. What you actually provided was something that looked like an averagely-managed summer car boot sale.

The failure of Lapland New Forest was caused by the unrelenting greed shown by you and your desire to squeeze every drop of profit rather than build and create the winter wonderland you promised thousands of consumers.

I have had the opportunity to observe you both during the trial, both in your attitude to this case and the volume of quite obvious lies told. In this case, I was unable to discern any remorse in your actions. You still seek to blame others for that which you failed to achieve.”

The Mears brothers have been banned from being company directors for five years. It is believed that they could have raked in as much as £1 million in advance ticket sales before their disgusting little venture was closed down.


  • plop
    Hah, good. No sympathy for the idiots who actually stumped up the cash for this bollocks though. You've got to be fucking thick to expect a 'winter wonderland' like they were describing, and in Matchams of all places. Didn't it mention 'real polar bears' in the description? No wonder these scam artists pull this stuff with so many gullible morons around.
  • Milky
    christmas is for cunts anyhow! ought to be banned again (Oliver Cromwell was right, god knows what he'd have made of all the year round "celebration" schmutter that passes for holidays in this day & age) I'd have loved to see little bastards burst into floods of tears, probably would've paid money to see it happen, would've been a good day out!
  • Shooter M.
    I suspect that their cellmates might be pummelling through their magical tunnel of shite tonight...
  • Slacker
    It's only taken TWO YEARS to lock these cunts up then? And even then they'll only serve about 6 months in an open nick. Wow, chalk up another victory for the great British justice system then, eh? Fan-fucking-tastic.
  • qwertyuiop
    I think even a day in prison would be icing on the cake here, never mind the 13 months they're meant to be spending. The real penalty here is their new found inability to manage a company for 5 years, not to mention all the money they've made will be disappearing from their pockets.
  • jimbob
    @codify, no its murders that normaly get off light!
  • milkyspunk
    Do you milky is like Jokey Smurf and gives people exploding presents for Christmas?
  • milkyspunk
    insert "think" where you like in the above
  • Bob
    To be fair, I'd go to prison for 6 months to get a million quid...
  • Rich
    I think 13 months is incredibly harsh, especially when you think about sentences some violent crimes get. They deserved something, but a year in prison? I don't think that's consistent with what they did.
  • Jason
    @Bob that's what everyone says. I know people who say they would go to jail like Madoff did to live his lifestyle before he got caught. That's ridiculous.
  • Bazinga
    They're probably selling tickets for the magical prison experience as we speak/read/sit.
  • milky
    @milkyspunk, no but theres an idea, I have hidden bananas in peoples loudspeakers (via the port reflex) & left open pots of youghurt screwed in behind panels in hotel rooms (hotels I don't like) However never exploding presents as they are bastards to wrap! I much prefer to put dog poop under the drivers door handles of Audi's

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