Landmine awareness raised and enjoyment of chips ruined in equal measure

Here’s a clever but slightly gruesome piece of advertising from Campaign Against Landmines – tomato ketchup sachets. Tear the sachet and you’re instantly reminded of someone getting their foot blown off by a landmine. Yum.
One for Tampax to think about for the future? Sorry, but look, if we hadn’t said it one of you lot would have.


  • Mandy B.
    What a fantastic advert - I can't stand advertising/marketing/pr companies but I've got to applaud whoever was involved in this one. (the bunch of middle-class shits that they are)...
  • hippy
    maybe they can do an advert about laxatives on the brown sauce one huh.
  • James
    And a condom (or lack of) advert for mayonaisse
  • Mark C.
    Perhaps an ad for STDs using French mustard? Perhaps an ad on the horrors of vomiting using a vinegar sachet?
  • James
    Those chips don't look very tasty... Still frozen by the looks of it!
  • Mark M.
    AM I th eoly one who thinks that this is a bit sick and in bad taste?
  • Tim
    @Mark: Yes.

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