“Ladies and gentleman… the can opener of the future.”

Either they've left the work experience kid to input fiendishly complex product data, or Wal-Mart are about to make the art of opening a tin of plum tomatoes mind-bendingly complicated. And just in case they realise their mistake...



  • Paul N.
    Yes but does it do the washing?
  • J.hardy
    I see how it works. It just sucks the lids right off of those obesity-sized tins.
  • Predikuesi
    The only problem I can see with this product is that users will go hungry, unless they are willing to eat the mess from the bag.
  • The B.
    [...] your date to a restaurant where everyone seems to know you. Impress them by bringing a futuristic can opener, use a Ronco smoking ash try, and avoid measuring your penis in public (it’s apparently [...]

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