Lacoste get the hump as crazed Norewgian psycho favours their clothes

anders-behring-breivik The other week, Abercrombie & Fitch found themselves forced to offer Jersey Shore star ‘The Situation’ some dosh to get him to stop wearing their clothes on screen. Now a similar problem has arisen in Norway – but there’s no chance of money changing hands.

In his occasional visits to court and scenes of his evil deeds, mass murderer Anders Brevik is usually seen wearing a red Lacoste sweater and now the French clothes label have had enough of the bad publicity and are seeking a ban on Brevik wearing their clobber.

The company’s bosses are said to have written to Oslo police demanding that the 32-year-old headcase be stopped from being seen in Lacoste-labelled clothing and the police have said that, “The company feels that such a man sporting their clothes could do considerable harm to their reputation.”

Could be worse – imagine if you had a clothing label and Jay the Geordie from Big Brother started wearing it on screen....


  • Nick T.
    I sincerely hope Norewgian (sic) common sense wins out. Some of these brands really have lost touch with reality. I remember a couple of years ago when Coca-Cola sponsored a 20-20 cricket match at Edgbaston. Any spectators WHO HAD PAID TO GET IN and were carrying Pepsi had it confiscated. When I'm ruler of the universe, they will all be shot (not the spectators).
  • Justin A.
    At the end of the day, he has to wear SOMETHING. He bought it, he owns it, he can wear it. It's not like there's a clothing store that sells exclusively to killers. Seems to me Lacoste had their rep damaged once chavs started wearing it anyway.
  • Bazinga
    You've just given them more publicity they wanted.
  • oliverreed
    @Justin Manchester AfterDark - it's always been a little poncy to wear a plain ol' polo with a croc or shark on surely, chavs didn't have a name back in the eighties, scum simply sufficed!
  • Dick
    I would have thought this might help their sales a bit.
  • PokeHerPete
    What was Raoul Moat wearing? Id like some of that gear.
  • Justin A.
    @ oliverreed, yes wearing a branded polo would have been plain poncy in the eighties but that won't have harmed the company's rep. Plenty of people were aspiring to be poncy and felt they had the money to waste. I've called them scallies way before the term chavs appeared, but other posters might not know what I mean if I said scallies! For me, plain fronted Sunspel do nicely. Understated, quality and British.

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