Lack hand-eye co-ordination in the kitchen? You need this...

I'll be honest with you; if I drop food on the floor while preparing it, it still gets eaten. Carrots, cheese, chicken, doesn't matter - under the hot tap it goes, and onto somebody's plate. Not mine, obviously.

The art of guiding meat or vegetables carefully from the cooking board to the pan, is one that requires the hands of a surgeon, frankly. So bless the heavens and all its pretty stars for this work of wonder:

It's a hoary old cliche, but the best ideas are always the simplest. If you want to serve dinner tonight without worrying whether you've poisoned the family, you can order yours here. If you're simply an atrocious cook who gets a jam sandwich wrong, save your money.

As an aside, despite the suggestion in the photograph above, you don't have to possess hands larger than a house brick to use the board.



  • tony
    they sell better versions of these bad boys in John Lewis.
  • Mike H.
    Bit sexist isn't it? A picture depicting a woman, In the kitchen, suggesting that out female counterparts can't chop properly and piss everything all over the floor during the procedure of transfer of food from board to pan? And that they are so ill equipped with practical food relocation skills that they require an aid to perform the task as well as their male equivalent? Pretty spot on actually, do they make one for the ironing and washing machine in pink? Sorry love? Diced? No ta.
  • Will
    Brilliant idea!
  • David P.
    I wouldn't trust those potatoes, they look a little green to me!
  • Mike
    I don't think those are potatoes. They're Kiwi

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