Kraft outrageously decide to make Cadbury's Dairy Milk smaller


Remember those machines you got at Christmas which dispensed tiny Dairy Milks? They were great weren't they? Miniature versions of big things have a certain charm that fill you with novelty glee.

However, thanks to Kraft being massive shit heads, all Cadbury Dairy Milks are going to be pointlessly small because, thanks to "economic reasons", they're downsizing the bar.

Honestly. You may as well buy a stupid Freddo bar.

The size of the treat is being cut because if it didn't, prices would have to rise. In real terms, that means a 140g bar of Dairy Milk is now reduced to 120g and has two fewer squares. Bastards.

In a statement, Kraft say: "We have taken this decision because of a number of economic factors including ingredient costs. By reducing the size of our 140g bar to 120g we have been able to hold the bar at this price although we believe our confectionery still represents a very affordable treat."

At this rate, there'll be more chocolate on the plastic innards of a Kinder Egg.


  • Brad
    kraft = Worse then Hitler.
  • Wispa W.
    jesus fucking christ is nothing sacred? As if it isnt bad enough every child in this country being saddled with debt for their entire lives by our bunbling government, these yank bastards are slowly removing their last remaining reason to exist. Pretty soon a typical british child is going to creep down on christmas morning, peer gingerley into their stocking and find a two month old dog turd' wrapped in recycled toilet paper`. Fuck it, im telling the missus she can forget kids - you can have a cat instead. The RSPCA wont stand for Whiskers shortchanging Felix.
  • Mark C.
    Who cares? It's shit chocolate anyway, so 20 grams less shit chocolate per bar is a good thing in my book.
  • smiley
    TBH, Hershey's chocolate is a lot nicer than Cadbury's currently are. They're american, but a lot nicer than the Kraft branded stuff. Creamier chocolate. :)

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