KnowHow Movies launches, but it isn't cheap

knowhowmovies_1_display (1) After weeks of anticipation, KnowHow Movies (the brainchild of Dixons Retail) has been launched, giving entertainment-starved consumers another option when it comes to the acquisition of streaming ‘media’. And it’s, erm, interesting.

The service is available for PCs and Macs at the moment, with the promise of availability for smart TVs, Blu-ray players, tablets, consoles and smartphones as the year goes on. Should you choose to indulge, you’ll be able to register up to five different devices to use on it.

As for pricing, well, selected movies are available to rent for about £3.00 or you can buy them for unlimited viewing for around £13 in SD and £18 in HD. Have a think about THEM numbers and tell us what you think.


  • Alex
    hahahahahahahahahahaha. *pauses for breath* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • br04dyz
    Service Unavailable Please retry in 5 minutes. HAW HAW!¬!!!!
  • br04dyz
    Contact Customer Support We want you to have the best shopping and entertainment playback experience possible. For support, questions or feedback please contact us: Call the support team at 0844 561 1234 (8AM until 8PM GMT) Email a Support Ticket to KNOWHOW MOVIES Support Hello, your website doesnt work lalalalalala
  • lifeisunfairlove
    you are all a bunch of sad bastards who still suck on their mothers tit get a life
  • Paul e.
    Website working fine for me. Watched 2 films today and all seems good. Bought one rented a second. Price is competitive with buying a DVD without the hassle. One happy customer. Thanks KNOWHOW. Do I watch one more or go out is my only dilemma. Paul
  • David B.
    Not used it yet. But created an account. Website is sexy ! Well perhaps not sexy but definatly users friendly. Seems like a reasonable price. Could do with more choice but I reads that the content is growing daily. I'll watch a film at the weekend and update more then.
  • Yodhe
    I love the smell of astroturf in the morning. ;)
  • David B.
    You all taking rubbish. I use lovefilm and have tried netflix Netflix is to watch old films. That's it. Lovefilm is good but I always buy the latest DVDs because love film takes too Long to get the new movies. Months sometime !!! These guys seem to have the DVDs I bought at the weekend ! Thumbs up from me. Price is not what it's about when I want to watch a bloody film that no one else except TESCO has !
  • Derek P.
    Watching a film as I type. Amazing !
  • Dick
    When is the deathwatch article due?
  • Richard
    do you get a copy to download when you purchase a film? if its just streaming, what happens when they go bust and liquidate all there servers? also, whats wrong with blinkbox??
  • dai
    great to see so many first time Bitterwallet posters. Here's hoping your random and inexplicable enthusiasm for KnowHow movies leads you to the true path of avidity.
  • John B.
    First of all, I have to say this is such a fabulous service offered by Dixons retail group, I have already watched 3 films today, all latest titles with super fast streaming, much better than the Dixons retail group's competitors! Just think of it as buying a DVD, without you actually owning anything physical or even having a digital copy locally! In fact, it's like giving to charity except it isn't! and you get a free film with it! To choose another provider over Dixons retail group's KnowHow-movies would be a terrible mistake! A very satisfied customer, Jown Browett.
  • Katie B.
    Brilliant service, yet another great product offered by Dixons! What a fabulous company, wish I could work their!
  • John A.
    Absolutly fantastic service, I have tried Netflix and Lovefilm in the past and was left solely disappointed by the lack of recent & popular films. Having finished watching the highly anticipated "Dolphin Tale", I can faint-heartedly say that the streaming and content offered by Dixons Retail group is an astounding deal and something you definitely not want to miss.
  • Seymour B.
    Right.. So I can pay £3.99 to "Rent" The green lantern and watch it once, or I can pay £3.99 on Amazon for the dvd version, possibly watch it more than once, and if it is shit, flog it on ebay for around a £1.. Yea, I think I'll stick to my good 'ol fashioned Digital Video Disks.
  • Richard
    @ katie their what?
  • Cunt
    Can the people sent here by Dixons to lie please fuck off, you bunch of cunts.
  • Richard
    haha, you can tell when it's corporate bullshit because they use an actual name including surname :-P
  • Plop
    So not only is Dixons overpriced and staffed by drooling cretins, they're hilariously inept at astroturfing too.
  • Chewbacca
    @ Richard Don't waste your time. They won't be back, and even if they did reappear, they'll miss your point entirely. Fucking retards.
  • Paul C.
    Oh dear. This is possibly the most transparent case of astroturfing by a company I have ever seen. At least put the word "cunt" in there to try and blend in with the rest of us.
  • Marky M.
    @ Seymour Butz: Allow me save you £3 - The Green Lantern is shit. @ Paul Coia: Haven't seen you on here for a while, you cunt. Where have you been?
  • Len D.
    Haa. Probably the worst place for them to be doing that kind of thing if they are up to no good.
  • Derek G.
    What an amazing service, I've watched 17 films today. I'm actually watching 2 now as I type this. All on dialup! I've tried watching films on a newspaper and even downloading them on my hamster, but this really beats them all. They even have a copy of The Phantom Menace that isn't shit! I'm looking foward to seeing films ahead of their cinema release date, you wouldn't get that on Netflix (shitflix more like!) or Lovefilm (Shitfilm more like!) Thanks DSG, you're amazing! Even the most people laugh at your efforts at customer service and your flogging of over priced cables and warrantys, you'll always be special to me.
  • Paul C.
    @Marky Mark - been working for Groupon - making small canvasses look big. And bumming foxes.
  • ExComet2
    Nice to see Mr Browett still keeping in touch after his recent departure to Apple , with obviously an unbiased view about I wonder when Comet will roll out a similar doomed service , oops sorry I mean OpCapita . Some good posts here today if you are in need of a laugh all the same .
  • Clarkson
    NoHows are the best, you should all get it today! Easy fucking £500, even for me...
  • Paul C. Surely a Chief Exec knows the difference in their, there, they're?
  • Boris
    Was about to try this - That "The Kings Speech" looked ideal. I love a film about blokes that are nearly as posh as what I am. However the rating says "Contains strong language in a speech therapy context." What the fuck! If there is one context where cunting swearing is not needed it's in speech therapy. I'm a mild mannered gentleman and if I want to hear vulgarity I will fucking well come her for it. I'd rather watch that Downturn Fucking Abbey on the lefty BBC that watch my ex-King learn how to pronounce twat without stuttering.
  • Ken L.
    @Boris Downton is on ITV you job theiving cunt.
  • Boris
    @Red Ken I would very much doubt it; you newt molesting fistula.
  • Dick G.
    Wow! That's all I can say, wow! My dad's company have made some shit hot movie streaming thingummy. It's fab. He told me to come on here and rave about it or he'd tell mum he caught me wanking in her shoes. Bastard. But the service IS great though.
  • Revelation
    It will fail.
  • br04dyz
    Seems my earlier fanargel was to do with using its awesome know tho huh :-D
  • Capability B.
    @ Katie Bickerstaff: "What a fabulous company, wish I could work their!" - you already do, you're the Group Marketing Director (who can't spell a monosylllable) Didnt John Browett recently leave Dixons for Apple? John Allan is one of Dixon's Chairmen David Barron is a Director You would have thought that if they were going to astroturf, they would have had the sense to use names that couldnt all be traced back immediately to Dixons, wouldnt you?
  • Boris
    Spot on Bowes. I suspect fakery somehow. I (as mayor of London) will get Scotland Yard to investigate how this comment system could be fooled with such apparent ease.
  • Erm
    If Katie Bickerstaff is the GMD, you'd think they'd get one that can fucking spell and use grammar correctly. there not their.....thick cow
  • King I.
    You tw.. You tw.. You twa twa.. Twa twa tw twa Oh fuck it.
  • Cuntability B.
    Looks Well Wack Yo.
  • Darren B.
    Dont listen to my brother, he's a pervert
  • Richard
    i think that, since they've done such a dreadful job of promoting their company here, we should help them out on twitter. #dixonsarethefuckingshit
  • Mary H.
    How have you sad little cunts got the time and the money?
  • Sicnote Green Lantern DVD - Amazon - £4.99 Green Lantern DVD - KnowHow - £12.99 Speed Racer DVD - Amazon - £1.36 Speed Racer DVD - KnowHow - £8.99 Limitless DVD - - £3.99 Limitless DVD - KnowHow - £8.99 Honestly people, with much larger players in the market place like Sky & Netflix do Knowhow really think this venture will work with their dig shit reputation......?
  • Sicknote
    ...and why are comments being moderated now- someone trying to clean this town up...?
  • Lord K.
    This is not the sort of thing I would expect from Dixons. Where is the warranty? where are the add-ons ? I'm off to kick some butt.
  • Dick
    They do sell a warranty for their films if you buy them online. You need to buy a copy backed up on to a special type of disk, called a DVD. You can do this instore on online.
  • dvdj10
    They pressed me in to buying a screen filter like you used to see in the 90's. Apparently it makes HD look even more HD! Trust me it works, and only cost £119.97 (Was in clearance)
  • DSG E.
    The real pisser is that I've heard in some stores they're reducing staff contracts as a cost saving measure because we're up against it, which is fucking funny when the one store I've heard this confirmed in is up 20%+ across the board year on year and actually kicking the shit out of all the local competition. I'm waiting for the hammer to drop in my shop now, since we're supposedly overstaffed which must be why I can never get a fucking weekend off because there's no coverage. Nice to see that they're forcing staff to accept reduced hours while simultaneously spunking money up the wall with more bullshit "diverse revenue streams" that are going to amount to exactly fuck and all in that order. I don't see this lasting the year, just like the standalone Tech Guys stores. Hope the suits give themselves some big fat fucking bonuses with the money they save by dropping the payouts to the people who actually keep this shithouse of a company chugging along, they deserve it for all their incredible fucking insight in making yet another pisspoor version of someone else's product and trying to pimp it as the second coming of christ himself.
  • Belle E.
    This thread is the best thing to happen to me this year. utterly unbelievable that a company would resort to these tactics. Hope they go to the wall like Game are going to. We don't need them, i'll never forgive them for charging my wife £60 for a memory card for our camera, that i later got off Amazon for £16.99 after our holiday that i later took back to Dixons for a full refund, thanks for lending me that free memory card for a week DSG, it was very kind of you........Now f*ck off.
  • Tom
    I can't believe I read 46 fucking comments of totally shitty cunts. Oh yeah that video site thing it really good, we're on about youtube yeah?
  • blammo
    excellent trolling by the fake astroturfers!
  • not l.
    hi, why am i seeing john browetts name, katie bickerstaffs name and john allans name on this site? these are/ex managers of dixons.... hmmmmmm
  • not l.
    on second thoughts, anyone could say who they are here.... its all lies lol
  • Tom
    WTF I got dolphins tale for £3 in asda the other day, why is it £13 on there?
  • TunaFanny
    WTF? Asda sell Dolphin's tails? That's fucking illegal isn't it? I blame the BBC and their Downturn "Fucking" Abbey. Bastards!
  • Tom
    It was a hot piece of tail too much better than foxes.
  • bur
    "do you get a copy to download when you purchase a film? if its just streaming, what happens when they go bust and liquidate all there servers?" Go to YouTube and look for 'Will it Blend'
  • The n.
    This is such a fabulous service, It really puts the boot up those fox bumming Netflix users and the chav infested Lovefilm users! (PS. you are never going to win that iPad competition you were *entered* into when they came to your door!) Now of course, this service is not just restricted to us 'Higher Class' executives, we have carefully constructed our site to be as pish-tosh easy to nagivigate for the unwashed masses. Watching a film now, Bob (or whatever my name is)
  • Davey B.
    Bur, I believe they will be linked with ultraviolet which means you can make a disc copy, and keep it in a digital locker, also how would you watch a DVD on your ipad? like anything I guess it's not for everyone and perhaps if your shopping in asda you probably don't own an Ipad or Iphone. I love the fact you can let your kids watch a movie on the phone in the car, then when you get in switch on the TV and finish watching it in 1080p HD with 5.1 Surround.
  • ExComet2
    Good evening Bob , Just a small reminder your name is actually Sebastian . I hope you enjoyed the film anyway if you can remember what it was , You may wish to give it a review at some point .
  • Sebastian ..
    Why thank you ExComet2, my what odd names the masses are giving their children names these days, I blame it on the BBC!
  • ExComet2
    Glad to be of some assistance Sebastian . The Financial Times told me of your new roll after your friend John departed to Apple. Indeed the BBC have much to answer for regarding many things , names indeed are one of them. Enjoy the rest of your evening and any other films you may watch .
  • ExComet2
    Sorry Sebastian I meant " role " not roll , I blame the BBC with regards to this also.
  • Sebastian ..
    That's all very good, I am well classed in dealing with common riff raff, especially the so called Directors coming out of the BBC . I recently watched "The Hangover" using the KnowHow website and I must say, very good service! more to the point, it reminded me of my boarding school days - ALL MALE! haha. Well, as I was saying, It reminded me of my days at boarding school as we regularly went on trips to exotic destinations, perhaps once or twice a week depending on the weather, alas we did not end up kidnapping any oriental people however my good friend Paul did catch an STD off of a female with an extra pointy part if at the front if you know what I mean! Rumours had it that half the dorm also caught that STD when we got back to school! What a hoot. Whilst writing this, I just noticed another smashing film on the KNOWHOWMOVIES website and I think I shall now go and watch this "Sex and the City: 2" tally-ho.
  • Ayayaya
    I heard this website makes u gay?
  • Darren B.
    Dis website makes you gay, your Dad told me that
  • Boris
    I can assure everybody that this website does not cause gayness in any sense. Unless fox buggery is gay - which it is most certainly not.
  • Wayne B.
    It does make u gay, like the daily mail website makes you a nazi and hot uk deals makes you a workshy cunt.
  • dixonsrulesthefreeworld
    you are all a bunch of sad wankers who all need to hang yourselfs from the rafters in your attics you bunch of cunts p.s knowhow films rule.
  • Godwin
  • DanDare
    Total rubbish and won't last longer than 12 months, if it's lucky! Nice to know that the Dixons Retail staff hours have been cut which is probably because they had to pay for this piece of shit movie service. Hopefully Dixons and it's companies will fuck off and their staff get better jobs where they can be treated as humans and not cattle.
  • Frank P.
    What a fantastic service, its tops. I am actually watching The Little Mermaid 2 on my Snoopy watch in 1156p as I ride along on my Kawasakii-K1000p motorcycle and I'm loving every minute of it. I'm just waiting for the bit where Ariel gets bummed off a starfish. Its so exciting.
  • ExCrement
    This is was a top deathwatch candidate before launch, and now the prices are revealed its actually buried. What an absolute abject fail. What on earth is the USP or price benefit that would entice folk away from the competition. Bollox of an idea and implementation.
  • Mark
    Is this yet another website that means Windows when it says PC? I'm using a PC with Linux and it just won't install!!
  • North C.
    Oh dear there are a huge amount of sad disgusting people on here that im sure dont even have any sort of job and never will!!! you should be all ashamed of yourselves!!! i guess your all just angry tho cos i bet you cant even afford the £3.99 to stream the movie you load of pathetic scum of the earth!!!!! let me just say tho ive worked for this company 24years!!! yes thats right somthing that you all will never ever achieve!!! and they are a fantastic company to work for and John and Seb are proberly 2 of the nicest guys you could meet and very down to earth!!! Knowhow Movies will be HUGE there is no other service proposition out there that compares...Good luck Seb i know we are all in very strong safe hands;)
  • North C.
    Aaaand... sorry for the rant earlier. I'm having a hard time of it recently and am getting wound up at the smallest thing. A lot of your comments do make sense, but we're simply trying to extort money from the sorts of people who shop at hmv: ie they will pay over the odds even though far cheaper alternatives are available. I believe it's a sound business model, and we will be successful. I'm now off to learn how to spell 'proberly' and 'collegue' and deal with my life issues. Mum has said I have to move out of the house as i'm 43 and she caught me wanking into her knicker drawer yet again. I'm so upset, how should I deal with the evil old bitch? Advice pleeese!
  • DSG E.
    Thats funny because I've met browett and co and they came off as a bunch of toff cunts.
  • North C.
    **I have made only one previous comment which was Posted by North East Current Collegue • March 4, 2012 at 9:58 pm** I will NOT be making any further comments just incase the name "North East Current Collegue" is used again by people pretending to be myself!!! You sad wannabe
  • Mike g.
    ----------------------------------------------------------------- Doesn't have a clue above this line And bums foxes...
  • Capability B.
    If you can't spell "colleague" that doesn't say very much for you. Where exactly in the company have you been working "for 24 years"? The boiler room?
  • North C.
    WAAH WAAAH WAAAAH I got spoofed by the big men, mummy! Says a lot when even Capability rips yer
  • North C.
    Haha - only kidding - actually I've made 8 comments under this user name, but a few must've got pulled when I started comparing BW readers to Nazis etc. Sorry all, I'm just a bit worked up cos my sex change operation is in a few days and I'm a bit nervous. :)
  • Crapability B.
    Oi stop nicking my 'copy their user name' gag, ya fox bummer.
  • Crapability B.
    lol - obviously I meant I'm the fox bummer, he he!
  • Capability B.
    Who is the idiot who thinks constantly making "jokes" about sex changes is hilarious?
  • Capability S.
    Sorry Capability. You're obviously a bit sensitive about yours still. I did recommend more counselling follow-up though. I know you were busy with your gardens, but I would still encourage you to consider it.
  • Capability f.
    Deer capability, thank you for the gift of your foreskin from when you got your pen 15 removed. My dockter has made me eyelids from it, I can now sleep at night, wonderful! But tell me, why have I suddenly gone cockeyed?
  • Capability B.
    Fuck off, Samsupernova. It didnt take me very long to work out who you are. What a sad fucker you were - and still are, it seems
  • Mike M.
    Woo, someone's not had their prawns today!!! Love the idea of this film download business, how convenie... WHAT HOW FUCKING MUCH
  • Incapable B.
    I've shit my pants.
  • James is a pile of wank juice, FACT!!! I was sold this card from a chap in Dixons telling me it was the best video on demand website and the choice of films and TV shows was epic. 1: The films are shit and COST WAY TO MUCH!!! 2; ALL the TV shows are out of date 3: I am SO angry I want to kill a puppy...(and I love dogs) I dont undersdtand why I have to pay £13/£18 to buy a film...The site sucks...

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