"Knock knock." "Who's there? Hello? Hello?"

From the never-ending Top Tips-esque wit of the official/unofficial @TwopTwips account on Twitter:

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  • Paddy
    To be fair, Parcelforce & UPS are just as bad.....
  • Another A.
    Once a company tried to pull this shit on me, and the depot manager forced the delivery driver to bring the package to me on his way home from work. The guy was visibly furious at actually having to climb three flights of stairs.
  • Jeebus
    I don't believe anyone is worse than HDNL.
  • Chris
    agree on HDNL. Not so long ago I took the day off work to take a delivery. I live at No.72, they tried to deliver my (correctly addressed, clearly labelled) parcel to No.74, left a missed delivery card through their door and then left the parcel with No.76. When I called that evening they told me the parcel had been delivered and signed for, so there was nothing they could do! Fortunately I have decent neighbours.
  • Sawyer
    No experience with HDNL, but I recently had a Yodel delivery where I had to collect my parcel from the delivery driver's home address! Surely that's the wrong way round...?
  • Another A.
    Yodel is a consolodation of HDNL and DHL UK's consumer divison
  • Sawyer
    @Another Andrew : Oh, wasn't aware of that. Not impressed either way. Much prefer the Citylink guy in my area, never had any problems with them.

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