Kin hell! Microsoft pull new 'social phone'

KIN_ONE_508 Did it REALLY happen or was it just some kind of weird dream we had? Turns out it was kind of both but now the dream is dead. We speak of course about the Microsoft Kin, Team Bill’s attempt to bring the world a ‘social phone’ that was loaded with features for the avid Twitter and Facebooker.

But, as if it were a bag of M&Ms with ball bearings in the middle, the kids somehow didn’t take to the Kin and now it is being removed from sale production of the Kin is coming to an end, only a few weeks after its high-profile US of American launch and years of development.

There’s talk of fewer than 500 of the things actually being sold, and with carrier Verizon pricing it as though it were a smartphone (it so WASN’T – it was a KIN) there was little incentive for the modern youths to get one of the things in their lives. The weird adverts didn't help either, to be fair.

Windows say they will now concentrate their phonicular efforts on the Windows 7 phone, whatever the hell that is. Meanwhile, for those people who did buy a Kin, all support from Microsoft will disappear by the end of August, along with the phone itself, which will self-destruct quietly and safely as they sleep. No, not really, but what do we care?



  • Brrrrr
    Not being removed from sale, according to all the other sources.
  • Amanda H.
    Only 500 made? Looks Ridiculous? Perfect. I'll buy one.
  • PaulH
    I had one of these before it came cool to have one...or not
  • Genius
    Microsoft really do frustrate me, the kin made it through development to becomming an actual product when everyone could see it's nothing special (just another smart-dumphone), where as a genuinely good innovation like the Microsoft courier gets killed at the concept stage! Very stupid decisions being made at the top level of Microsoft (and don't get me started on apple)
  • Phil M.
    Doesn't surprise me, Microsoft struggle to come up with new ideas nowadays and when they do come up with something half decent ti never hits the big time. I think there are a lot of areas that MS just haven't made it in and they keep trying but I don't think it's gonna happen. They should just concentrate their efforts on what they're good at, such as Windows (if you can call that good), XBox 360, etc.
  • Bazinga
    Windows Phone 7, "whatever the hell that is", is an OS for phones.
  • ButterMan
    Poor old Danger... I liked the Sidekick, and MS managed to kill it deader than plaid in 18 months,
  • Europeans B.
    [...] IN THE GAME! High five’s all round, eh? Obviously, the company are still smarting from the Kin failure, and basically, want what Apple have got – and that’s a posh phone to crow [...]
  • Microsoft B.
    [...] It has been suggested that this buddying up could help Microsoft challenge Apple and Google in the smartphone market, because we all know how badly the last attempt went. [...]

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