Kids from under rocks learn some smarts at Wal-Mart

I've been to a Wal-Mart before. I didn't feel the need to make a video about my visit, but then I didn't feel that a can of sugar-free Vanilla-flavoured Coke would have anyone pissing their pants in hysteria. Yet here we have Alex and Liam, two British runts who clearly do their weekly shop in M&S, blown away by a visit to Wal-Mart and the fact that a supermarket might sell something other than food.

That this video has racked up 300,000 views in two days clearly means we've nearly reached the end of the internet. Wait until an American discovers we wrap hard-boiled eggs in sausage and have in-store locksmith concessions; they'll probably burst into flames and the earth will fall into the sun.


  • The B.
    Why on earth did you feel the need to post it and give the brainless twats even more publicity? I've had more fun watching paint dry and frankly the paint made more logical statements and didn't make me want to pin it to the floor and punch the living hell out of it in the vain hope that the resulting brain damage might reconnect the brain to the mouth rather then the bowel that's currently connected to it.
  • pusy p.
    I knew I'd seen those kids before
  • Stefan M.
    do their parents know that their children have left the holiday apartment while their having dinner?
  • StauntonLick
    This may be the liberal in me speaking, but I think people like this should be euthanized.
  • SpaztCat
    For a start, California is not the "Sunshine State", it's Florida you pair of fucking knobbers. Perhaps if you spent more time in geography lessons and less time making dicks of yourselves on the cocking internet I wouldn't have to fucking swear as much. Fuck.
  • Human
    I'm pretty sure they were joking about the "sunshine state". I found it funny you heartless internet dwellers. Yes a lot of that stuff is the same as ASDA but not all of it. get a lighthearted grip.
  • Shinkyshonky
    I see their very anal about being banal........
  • Alan
    I'm not even wanting to watch this shite. I know these two losers have underage harry potter fans frequenting their flat, so I assume that they might still have been in florida for the leakycon, essentially to use their "internet fame" to bang themselves some not-yet-legal. Either this, or they are at vidcon. Where people like themselves indulge in several days of frantic ego masturbation. Oh god... my girlfriend's playing it now... I HATE THESE TOSSERS.
  • Edd
    I hope they join the Norwegian Labour movement.
  • James
    From the first or second sentence I wanted to punch that cunt and I turned it off.
  • Shooter M.
    Got as far as California being the Sunshine State, shouted "it's the Golden State, you fucking clownshoe" and promptly launched my monitor across the room, causing it to shatter. That wanker by the pool owes me a new one.

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