KGB Deals also playing fast and loose with canvas/sofa size truth

Yesterday, we called out Groupon on their bewildering choice of imagery used to promote their Personalised Printed Canvas offer. Sticking the canvas inside a doll’s house is hardly fair play now is it?

Helpfully, avid Bitterwallet reader Kris has noted than KGB Deals are at it as well. The canvas in this picture is supposedly 16” x 12”.

Screen Shot 2011-08-18 at 13.09.10

Really? REALLY?? There should be a law against it. Oh, hang on, there is.


  • The B.
    By my reckoning that corner unit is about 3.5 feet long, that's some sofa.
  • Kris
    It seems KGB have changed the picture now. Groupon are still pushing their misleading picture for YouFrame.
  • Angel
    Very nice example of false advertising. Whoever did this picture probably got fired from his job right now
  • JaneDoe
    I checked the new picture and it was an eyesore. What's wrong with their images lately?

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