KFC served me chicken brains, says clucking angry customer

We're not veterinarians or biologists, and hopefully this is abundantly clear before you read too much of Bitterwallet. So we have to be honest with you - we don't know what part of an animal this is. Maybe you can tell us - is it a chicken kidney? Or a chicken brain?

Swindon Advertiser - KFC chicken brain

Whatever the hell it is, the Swindon Advertiser reports that it was found in a piece of otherwise delicious white chicken meat, served up by KFC. Avid Bitterwallet reader Barry Humphries (or it may be Humphreys, the newspaper isn't sure) found the chuck's organ after biting into the Colonel's meal deal, and was so upset by his discovery that he had to take several days off work.

The franchise responsible said:

"...on this very rare occasion, the chicken was not fully trimmed prior to cooking. We have contacted our suppliers, who have identified the item as a kidney. While there was no health risk, we agree that this is unsightly, and have apologised to Mr Humphries and offered him a full refund."

That wasn't good enough for Barry Humphries, who isn't accepting KFC's apology:

"It is clearly a chicken brain and no matter what anyone else says I know what I found. I had to take days off work because I was feeling so sick and I have lost money. The company have only offered to give me the cost of the meal back and that is not acceptable."

Bloody hell, if he realises eggs are unfertilised chicken fetuses he'll probably develop asthma. The block paver-turned-animal coroner is considering legal action according to the paper, but kidney or brain - both are edible. KFC could have been more generous by handing out free meals or a small amount of compensation since the food didn't reach the expected standards, but if sickly Humphries is angling for several day's pay in compensation, we'd say that's clucking madness.

Clucking. Genius.

[Swindon Advertiser]


  • Daniel Z.
  • Alexis
    It's a fast food joint. You've got to expect to be served chicken beaks, brains and eyes. Sounds like this guy has been brainwashed by KFC's very own advert. The one that makes it look like they employ Fat Duck chefs.
  • jimbobjunior
    Edible, eh? So's a mouse a head and a dog turd, doesnt mean it should be in there!
  • Nobby
    Based on the last BW article, it's Richard Littlejohn's brain.
  • JC
    I feel sick just looking at the picture!! I think someone should compensate my fat lazy arse aswell!
  • bob
    Wait, he was so disgusted by it he hung on to it, called the newspaper and then posed with it holding it with his bare hands, then took a few days off work to recover? What a twat. He is from Swindon I suppose.
  • o'dreary
    its dame edna
  • PokeHerPete
    i agree with bob, Mr. Humphries is just a work dodging cunt. He probably finds any way to get his shift at Asda off.
  • kev
    what the cluck, is dis real?
  • Gadget 4.
    Unfertilised chicken fetuses? Isn't that an oxymoron, as a foetus only ensues once an egg is fertilised? Or is my biology wrong?
  • Peter G.
    "but kidney or brain – both are edible" Yes a kideny and brain bargain bucket would go down very well...
  • bittertraveller
    It looks properly cooked. They should have been charging him extra for this, the lazy twat. Bin it, get a free meal and get on with your life.
  • Paul G.
    Same thing happended to a friend of a friend. http://www.haloathon.com/brains/ Clearly a brain!
  • Bazinga
    What does he think is in it anyway? It just didn't get mashed and bleached as much as the rest of the chicken brains.
  • Me
    What a twat! I people eat pig brains without moaning and taking a day off!
  • Paul C.
    @bittertraveller Completely agree with you. What an unappreciative twat. It's a fucking delicacy. Some people live their lives in a sanitised bubble. Fuck me, I wonder if the moron would have topped himself if he had witnessed how the chicken was reared and slaughtered in the first instance. Get over it Dame Edna, you drama queen (and not a very good one at that).
  • charlie
    Full refund and a meal on the house. Fcuk knows how a brain can get near to breast meat, again most likely kidney. What a mug
  • akiss
    I would have still eaten the skin & coating.
  • David W.
    Definitely a brain - the invaginations of the cortex are quite clear and unlike any other organ in vertebrates. D
  • Dan
    What a wimp, yes KFC shouldnt serve chicken brains, if she was in China they would be going nuts for kfc brains.
  • Danton M.
    Was it Halal?
  • steph
    i know some one who has found a brain in there kfc chicken wing more to come!!!
  • Tracy B.
    I recently paid a visit to my local KFC is Sandy, Oregon. I was also a lucky receiver of a chicken brain. I did not return to the store, have not informed them of what I found, and will most likely never go to KFC again. I suppose it comes with the territory, it is edible (no, I did not eat it-or the rest of the chicken for that matter) but completely disgusting to find in your food.
  • Neel B.
    OMFG, it's a chicken kidney. Clearly NONE of your have ever cooked a chicken. Holy Christ.
  • Neel B.
    And do you guys realize that a brain is not located in the thigh?!
  • Divine
    I just had one of these in the crevis of my KFC chicken thigh, I thought it was a brain too, But as Neel says "Brains are not located in the thigh" lol,I consider it an honor. I wanted to eat it but I just had fun with it discectedd it, & pulled it apart. It was interesting.
  • Conner
    I found this in my thigh today and stopped eating it. It grossed me the hell out.
  • morgan
  • Graham
    I was just at KFC today and this happened to my friend.
  • Bre
    I just had some KFC with my family before seeing this. I found one in my chicken too, and even if I had eaten the rest of the THIGH, i found it under some bone. It looked really disgusting but, I just threw it away. I should probably call the KFC, but yeah there is no way a brain is making its way to a thigh =\ its a kidney. Organs don't look the same after being deep fried remember that.
  • Jess
    Oh wow, this made my day haha. We just dissected chickens in my vet anatomy class today, and that sure isn't a brain. Birds brains don't look like mammals - they're smooth (lissencephalic). Chicken's brains resemble macadamia nuts :p
  • Jess
    In my vet anatomy class today we fuckn wrecked our chicken
  • Lisa C.
    Oh my goodness, these comments. I was just looking online to be sure what I thought were kidneys were indeed kidneys. The kidneys are always left in the chicken I buy (sadly, the rest of the giblets are gone). These taste so good and are good for you, too. Organ meats are so nutritious and highly prized in other cultures! Next time any of you finds a kidney in your chicken, eat it!!
  • XxOrangePandaxX
    I found a chicken brain in my kfc chicken years ago. It was disgusting and ever since then i never went there again.
  • Robert
    Has nobody here ever actually cooked a chicken in their life?! It is completely normal to find kidneys. I think they are a bit underneath the thigh piece usually. Stored even sell fried chicken innards (gizzards, livers, kidneys, etc.). VERY high in protein and iron.
  • Sisi
    @Robert EXACTLY. If they would prepare their own meals they wouldn't have to deal with "errors" from FAST food restaurants or jump to silly conclusions like this guy did. The funny part is they're finding it in the thighs, and still calling it a brain. smh
  • clau
    i think it looks like a brain, but it´s too large to ve a chicken brain. So my next best bet will be that it looks like intestines smashed up together... not kidney... although the "bean like" thing on the left of the "worm like" thing looks like a kidney
  • SailorOdessa
    @Neel Basra I feel your pain, man! OhWow!! ! Are those people stupid or just mentally pathetic? x'D It is a chicken's kidney, get a life and cook a real chicken, not just a properly cleaned meat you can buy.
  • Heather
    I have found that in my chicken from hartz and popeyes that's how I stumbled upon this site. It's ni biggie it looked discusting. But that happens when you eat things that were once living.
  • Kidney L.
    It's a chicken kidney. They taste ssssoooooooooo good!!! A very rich chicken taste. I look to finding that kidney. If it's not there. I get kind of disappointed. It is far from gross or disgusting, it's the best part!!!!!!!!!!

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