KFC raising money for diabetes by selling enormous sugary drinks

31188_article_main Good old KFC have once again won themselves a great big Bitterwallet Idiot Medal to go with the one we would have given them for the Double Down (if the Bitterwallet Idiot Medal wasn’t something that we’d just thought of).

Their latest ill-advised piece of business is an attempt to raise some money for diabetes research. But that sounds great, surely? Maybe – the problem here being that they’ve chosen to align the fund-raising to sales of their $2.99 half-gallon Mega Jug – a soda drink that on average contains FIFTY-SIX spoonfuls of delicious, horrible, beautiful, dangerous sugar. Oh.

For every one of those death-drinks that they manage to flog, one dollar of the proceeds will be going to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). It’s a bit like a cigarette brand handing over a few pence to the lung cancer people every time they sell a packet of their fiery funeral sticks....


  • The B.
    And who says Merkins don't understand irony?
  • Matt
    Nobody should get an 'Idiot Medal' for the Double Down- they should have received a knighthood, a Nobel Prize and Duke of Edinburgh Gold award.
  • Mr M.
    You can't get diabetes by consuming too much sugar...
  • Skymarshall
    Mr Miagi. I hope this is jokes. Thanks.
  • peter
    Mr Miagi, you must be an idiot. And Matt, you speak the truth. The most unhealthy part of a KFC burger is by far the bun.
  • dahamsta
    How is it a "death drink" exactly?

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