KFC find no room for bread in new sandwiches

Currently being tested in Rhode Island and Nebraska, in the US of America, this foul beast goes by the name of the ‘Double Down Sandwich’.

Instead of the traditional bread, it’s housed inside two fried chicken fillets, and contains bacon, cheese and the Colonel’s special sauce.

We're not sure where they go from here – perhaps the next step will be to fire a gloop of hot lard straight down your throat while showing you a blown-up photograph of all of the ingredients in this thing, along with some others that are equally bad for you.

Surely mankind’s next evolutionary leap will entail the heart developing the ability to propel itself out through the mouth and screaming whenever its owner enters a fast food joint?

[The Presurfer via Fire Wire]


  • Alan
    I want one
  • magicbeans
    perfect for anyone doing atkins!!
  • Alice C.
    Nom nom nom... etc etc as those with numerous yellow/orange balls over at HUKD would say, oh, how funny they are, and everyone else shall laugh, if only to gain respec'
  • Tickled
  • Bill O.
    im off to nebraska for din dins
  • Deepz
    I love the look of this. Great for people on Atkins diet who aren't allowed to eat carbs, great how KFC have become more health concious...
  • Robin
    great for after a night out with the lads.
  • The B.
    "the Colonel’s special sauce"????? Mmmmm, I love the way the Colonels special sauce shoots down the back of my throat, it's a bit salty though.
  • Snotty
    Bye bye diet!!!
  • johnny
    no good for atkins - chicken coating and sauce will have too high carbs. tbh the idea is not bad, this is what i go to places for - the filling not the bread but will be messy. maybe could have has a layer of a tortilla or some thin bread to keep you clean better yet would be double zinger tower type thing
  • Deepz
    @johnny Wrapped in lettuce?
  • kyalion
    It looks so good, and sounds so wrong. I WANT ONE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • johnny
    @deepz well i guess that would make it a balanced meal also good call though i'd pick it off
  • zeddy
    Smashing! A pig covered in special sauce between two cocks. Oh..........and the cheese is obviously smegma.
  • SimbaK2K
    You missed the best bit... "this one menu item can be estimated to supply more than the daily recommended allowance in fat (124%), saturated fat (117%), cholesterol (105%), sodium (125%) and protein (194%), as well as 61% of your daily recommended calorie intake" Basically its a heart attack in the form of a KFC meal.
  • Tyler
  • Because B.
    [...] year, the US citizens of Rhode Island and Nebraska were subjected to a sinister culinary experiment, where all their bread was replaced by delicious fried chicken coated in a secret blend of eleven [...]

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