Kellogg's gets discounting

58760_kelloggs-coco-pops Cereal-lovers - Kellogg’s are sniffing around you and trying to woo you. How? They've launched an exclusive range of cereals for the discount channels.

The new format bags of Honey Hoopla, Coco Pops Jumbos and Coco Pops Chocos  [someone fire the person who names products at Kellogg's - Ed] will weigh 240g as opposed to 295g, and contain eight servings.

Kellogg’s had originally launched discounted cereal bars in May, but reckon that this new range will expand their reach in the discount market and, as we know, the discount market is where it is really at in 2014.

Nick Dawson, who is a UK customer director of speciality channels (get him) said: “Cereal sales in the discount channel are growing strongly so being able to offer Kellogg’s branded products with a strong value proposition on shelf offers a fantastic platform for growth”

He could’ve discounted or at least reduced half the waffle in that quote, but you get the idea.

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  • samuri
    Utter shayt kiddie poison

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