Keep abreast of the latest tastes with the Wine Rack

Hey! You! The beast with two backs who appears entirely sober! Yes, you! Would you like a way to enhance your figure, your calorific intake and your likelihood of indulging in promiscuous sexual deviance?

Introducing the Wine Rack:

Enjoy putting out an eye or two, and enjoy illicit sips of warm beverage direct from your tit taps!

Alternatively, buy a push-up bra and a bottle of vino from Somerfield. To file under: "First we thought of the name, then we made the product". Is that even the same person in both photos?


  • Martin
    Looks like a Michael Jackson inspired colour change.
  • Zx
    this is the lady's equivalent of the beer belly
  • johnny
    saying old is old but billerwallet constantly demands it

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