Kanye's red Yeezy 2 Nike trainers, going for £10 MILLION

Kanye West has been chest-beating like no other recently, making mental albums, crowing about leather jogging pants and of course, his own Nike trainers, the Yeezy.

Nike dropped the Nike Air Yeezy 2 ‘Red October’ boots like Beyonce dropped her album and, similarly, everyone has gone crackers over them.


The trainers sold out in minutes and soon, they started appearing on eBay thanks to canny shoe-touts with frighteningly expensive price-tags.

One such auction seems to be poking fun at the whole thing and has some Red Yeezies up in advance of £10 million!

If eBay aren't sensing the humour, they could well send the debt collectors round to collect the millions bidded for these frankly ghastly sneakers.

If you'd like to bid or keep tabs on the shoes, have a look here. What's the most you'd spend on trainers? You all look like £4 two-stripe knock-offs from the market from here.

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