Just What The Fanboys Asked For: R Rated Marvel Wolverine Blow Up Toy

If your child is a Wolverine fan, you might want to think twice before buying him the Wolverine blow up toy:


It begs the question if these toy markers have their products reviewed, or what was going on in the head of the designer at the time.

"Daddy, can you blow it up for me?"

"Umm, kiddo, how about you just fill it up with... water. Do make sure to close the end off so you don't squeeze any out.."

Not that the fanboys need to be asked twice...

[Steven Humour]


  • WAM
  • The B.
    Does it go *snickt* when it pops out though?
  • MBeeching
    Perfect for Storm!
  • Dominic P.
    This blog is starting to look like digg.com (Only a day later)
  • agaveworm
    I always thought the air in them things stink....

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