Jumbled priorities in Peterborough's news-sphere

4 April 2012

Looks like today's Peterborough Evening Telegraph is going big with the REAL news agenda and sidelining the kiddie-snatching...


[Thanks to a Scottish bloke]


  • Mike H.
    I'm more concerned about the fact their is now mixed football! I know football players and supporters are big girls but this just takes the piss! Still, wouldn't mind the team bath after.
  • Mary H.
    Who gives a fuck about kids being snatched, when there is a story about a cat called snowball attacking posties! Awwwwwww.
  • The B.
    There aren't kids being snatched though are there? "Man accused of trying to snatch girls" implies: a) That he's up on charges, and therefore on remand. b) That he failed to snatch them. At a guess the article is "bloke is charged with trying and failing to snatch girls".
  • Boris
    If only somebody from Peterborough was literate enough to be able to read page 11 for us and send us the facts.
  • Dick
    Does Alex McLeish live in Peterborough?
  • Boris
    I have read the two stories. The cat one is better in many ways.
  • Dick
    I reckon it is just a protest against the stamp price increase. Cats are affected too you know.
  • Mike H.
    "Man accused of trying kids snatch , nice white pussy attack..."
  • Spencer
    Real Bob had it spot on. http://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/ The bloke is charged with failing to abduct young'uns. The cat story however is much better. There's even a video of the cat online.
  • shoplifter
    I think the geezer holding the cat is the suspected kiddie snatcher...that`s how they get the two stories on the front page...factmundo
  • Mike H.
    If I was a posty, I wouldn't complain about any pussy.
  • The B.
    Even if it was 3 years old?
  • Mike H.
    ...especially if it's 3 years old.

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