Joost juices up the iPhone, but you may have to wait a while

In the mind of boss man Steve Jobs, we no longer have need for material possessions. Except for iPhones, iPods and MacBooks, obviously. CDs and DVDs are relics, entertainment can be purchased and plucked from the ether. But you can't buy into Jobs' vision of the future without making sacrifices, the largest being your bank balance. With no official means of transferring your existing DVDs to iTunes, you're left to pay the skyscraping prices in the iTunes Store. £33 for the first season of Lost? Are you sure about that?

So it's good to see apps like Joost making their way to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Joost is a video distribution system created by the folks who owned Skype, before selling it to eBay for zillions. Working in a similar manner to the YouTube application on iPhones and iPods, Joost lets you choose a show from a one of a number of category and watch it on your device.

The interface is clean and simple, the design is sharp, and it very much looks the part. But (and it's a big but) Joost has yet to license muchos material for broadcast in the UK, so currently you're stuck with a collection of music videos and documentaries. We know a thing or two about licensing content, and let us tell you, it's an utter pain in the arse. The situation should right itself in the near future, but it's certainly a portent of things to come; already in the US, use of on-demand web-based apps like Joost and Hulu is increasing as a new generation tailor their consumption habits around online delivery.

The Joost app is free from the Apple Apps Store, so there's no harm in downloading it for the time being, even if you'll rarely use it in the here and now.


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