Job hiring binge on a high

Are you handsome enough to work at Best Buy? British companies are planning to hire new staff at its fastest rate in 16 years!

The accountancy group BDO do an Employment Index, which looks at companies various hiring plans, hit 109.6 in July - the highest level since 1998 - and up from 108.8 in June.

Which is all good news, especially if your line of work is in the services sector, which gained a significant boost.

Figures also reveal that employment opportunities for university leavers are at their strongest for years, that is assuming it's not all unpaid interns for 'will this do' merchants or zero hour nonsense.

Although Peter Hemington from BDO reckons that companies are feeling the effects of a tightening labour markets, and skills shortages are beginning to bite.

“This could bring the stellar growth we’re enjoying in the wider economy to a grinding halt if the trend becomes entrenched,” he said, adding that some construction companies are having to turn down work because they cannot find enough staff to do it.

"The Government must ensure its protectionist tendencies are put on hold until productivity returns to pre-crisis levels. Although a new wave of graduates will go some way towards meeting businesses’ needs, readily available and flexible labour from Europe could relieve pressure on businesses in the short term."

Hemington added: “The good news is that the unprecedented growth we've seen in UK employment this year looks set to continue, providing this year’s university graduates with a welcome dose of good news in terms of job and salary prospects."

Optimism too, is benefiting from a comeback, as businesses regain confidence after a dank few years.

Well that's some cheery news isn't it?

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  • LD
    Shame about the salaries and pay rates not keeping up with inflation :-(

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